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Fashion is yummy!!!

Every now and then i come across some sort of art work where i think WOW…how did they think of that? And i would then wonder, gosh why didn’t i think of that? lol.  I guess it takes imaginative minds to create wacky and  creative art to let other normal human beings like myself, to actually enjoy the art. One of these talented person that i’m talking about is photographer Fulvio Bonavia who made a photo shoot of fashionable and stylish accessories made out of….yes, FOOD!!!!! Maybe it’s really a matter of taste, as suggested by the name of his shoot. So you be the judge and decide whether or not if it’s your taste:)

Photo Source

I actually saw the raspberry handbag on exhibit at the Landmark shopping mall in Hong Kong.  Unfortunately, i was in a super rush that day and so i forgot to take a photo of this great event. Luckily, i managed to find one photo of the Landmark shopping mall with Fulvio’s exhibit on a blogger’s website, as shown below.

Photo Source

Speaking of food, i also had my own share of love for dessert  over the weekend for my belated birthday high tea and yes, it was at the Landmark shopping mall too!!! lol….The restaurant is called L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon (www.robuchon.hk)  and it actually has a rating of 2 Michelin stars. Their cakes are really yummy and looks tooo pretty to be eaten:D Of course, i ate mine with no problem at all, hehe.  I especially couldn’t get enough of the Rose Mousse Cake where the rose scent was just oozing out from each bite that i took. It’s a must try, ladies:) The savory dishes were alright but their beautiful presentation was enough to impress me. It was like a total piece of art work with small details in mind, such as the tuna cut into delicate tiny squares. I heard that they also have other chains across Paris, Tokyo, New York, London, and Taipei. So if you’re ever in any of these big cities, please go there for a visit and let me know how it went.  

La Rose Mousse Cake, Banana Caramel Chocolate Mousse Cake, and Passion Fruit Banana Cake – Yums!!!


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Yes, shoegasm!!!

Shoes are a big part of my life and it’s only fair to say that i’m a shoe addict. I love my heels and i wouldn’t trade them for anything. I constantly find myself buying shoes and giving lame excuses as to why i need them, lol. I always feel that what you wear on your feet can say so much about you. For me, i love really vibrant colored shoes and hence, i like making a big foot wear statement, hehe. Plus,  it’s also the easiest item you can play with when you’re feeling lazy and end up putting on any dull clothes you see.

Now why am i suddenly blogging about this shoe craze of mine out of nowhere? Thanks goes to blogger Alix, The Cherry Blossom Girl, a French fashion designer that i came across by accident. She’s got alot of pretty photos with some arty work and personal styles thrown into it.  But i was really amazed by her photo collections of shoes. In fact, some poses are quite wacky and entertaining to the eye, lol. Here are few of my fav picks.

Photo Source

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Life is a cup of joy:)

I was reading this month’s UK Glamour magazine when i came across an article that caught my attention, it was about 35 steps to happiness. Interestingly, it states  that happiness has to be sought and created by yourself, and i quote “You have to choose to be happy, to lift your mood and look for the positive” (page 110 if you still have the UK Glamour issue). I know its abit of a “duh” fact but hey, we need that reminder every now and then right?:)  So would you consider yourself being happy and content in life right now? I asked myself that very question and i was in doubt at first, but only for a split second.

Of course, i take great pleasure and joy in getting my nose into the fashion glitz and all, but i realised there’s a  more personal aspect to my life that’s become my happiness booster!  I’ve got great families and friends who love me, and they give me such joy and happiness in life. I love you all to death!!! I sure have my share of fun filled memories that i keep to my heart and it always puts a smile on my face:) So what better thing to do then share such precious moments with my fellow bloggers right?????;)  So here is a peek into my life, ready or not!

Froyo time at Yomama!

Sunset in London

In love with Paris

Coffee break

Brooklyn Bridge in black and white

Flower Festival in Canberra

Relaxed dinner with a lovely night view

Japanese food!

Colorful Macarons at the bakery

7am hike in Hong Kong @___@

Cova Blueberry Cheesecake for my bday:)


Chanel store in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Tiffany & Co X'mas tree in Taipei, Taiwan

Enjoying a glass of chilled Jap plum wine, ah....

Laser Beam show at the Victoria Harbour in HK (8pm every night)

Monty - the cuttest cat on earth!!!

Jelly Fish at Ocean Park, HK

Ispahan (Strawberry Macaron) at Sift

Jap Saki

On the Ngong Ping 360 Crystal Cable Car with transparent floor, HK

A walk in City Hall Park, NYC

P.S. I just realised there’s alot of food photos, i hope i don’t make your tummy grumble, lol


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Who’s Barbara Palvin?

Yes, i was asking that myself until now. If you haven’t already heard, she’s the new frenzy in the fashion modelling world right now and only at the tender age of 17, this Hungarian model won’t be gone just yet. Watch out for Barbara Palvin peeps…

Photo Source: Trendland

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It’s the small details that count:)

You know how it is, right? You’re all dressed up in your favorite BLD and nicely done make up and dash out the door in a rush. Ten minutes has gone by and now you’re at the train station and suddenly you think,  “S*%T!!! I forgot to wear my favorite earrings to match the LBD!!!”  Does it sound like a familiar story? I’m sure you have heard of it, right?;)  Yes, we may forget the small stuffs at times but let me tell ya, its those things that tend to matter and give that extra touch to our outfits. Here are some fab street style inspirations to get you thinking about what i just said,  hehe. Lastly, do you have any  “must bring” fashion items whenever you go out?  All photos credited to Fashionising, Stockholm Street Style and Thesartorialist.

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Black VS White in Fashion…

Samantha Cole is another British designer that we better keep our eyes on! In fact,  her brand Samantha Cole London has already received the Best Womenswear Design for her S/S 09 collection during Fashion Week ,so she means business ladies!!!

What I admire about her design is how she incorporates all three elements in the designs – structure, texture, and shape. Her inspirations derive from modern architecture but i somehow find it more robotic, what do you think?  I guess it isn’t really something you would wear on a daily basis but great to see more innovative designers out there!

Hair: Kim Roy
Model: Kayt Webster-Brown
Make-up: Sandra Bermingham
Stylist: Samantha Cole for Samantha Cole London

Photo Source: Trendland


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Sunday Photo – Paradise dreaming

Photo Source: Fashionising

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