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The magic color: Red

There’s always been this thing about the color red for me.  It’s definitely one of those colors that defines all the characteristics of being  attractive, feminine, exotic, and vibrant. Whenever I’m in a rut and need to freshen up my look , i will go and try on something red.  It could be my red lip gloss when I’m out in town with my girls or just wearing a really glamorous red dress to feel good about myself.

I don’t have any lipsticks as unbelievable as it sounds but i love my recently purchased Maybelline (Very Cherry 635) red lip stick for those days that i don’t want the glossy lips look.  One of my fave lip kits are the Dior lip gloss (Ultra Gloss Pearl 654) and Kiehl’s lip balm (Hue No. 58B) with SPF 15 to protect my lips.

As for accessories, red is definitely a color to make any outfit look interesting if you ask me! I love my red accessories such as the red heart necklace and red gift box lookalike earring, which i got on my trip to New  York few years back. They make great choices when i am wearing something a bit more simple and want to funk up my look.

I got the red rose ring and red pearl necklace in some cheap market but they still work like a charm when i want to be a bit more playful with my outfit.  And lastly, with a spray of the Harajuku Lovers G Christmad edition perfume,  I’m all set  to go out and have a good time.

What about you? Do you have any favorite colors that inspires your way of styling?



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Little treasures from London…

Although i haven’t received any Christmas gifts yet, i have been very blessed to have a dear sister who came to Hong Kong for a visit last month,  and she was such a sweetie to surprise me with a bag mixed of little treasures all the way from London. While these gifts may not be overly extravagant or expensive, all of the lovely items represent me, and i like everything she got me!!!  Thank you sis, you know me well, love you!

Dior Make up palette

Eye liners, brushes, and blusher blush

Sometimes it’s amazing how a small gift, like a make up palette of colorful eye shadows and different shades of lip sticks, or a non designer branded piece of jewelry can put a smile to a face. This is by far the bestest pre-Christmas gift that i have received this year!

Round orange ball necklace to add to my collection, GoGo Philip

I absolutely love the cosmetics/beauty products that my sister got me, especially the L’Occitane Shea butter in Rose and Orange Honey scent. At the back of the tin, it says that this shea butter can be applied to the face, lips, hair, and body. Isn’t that just amazing!!?!? And it’s exactly what i need for the cold weather nowadays – moisturize every part of my body! lol. She was also super thoughtful and knows i get chappy lips, and got me the Vaseline lip balm but in Creme Brulee flavor, yum!

L'Occitane Shea Butter in Rose and Orange Honey

Vaseline in Creme Brulee, yum!

My British fashion glossy mags

I will be pretty busy leading up to the Christmas festive holidays where i’ve already been booked up for a friend’s birthday dinner tomorrow night, and 4 Christmas dinners with friends, and 2 company Christmas lunches coming up!

As for Christmas eve, I’ll be going to Macau with a friend and we’ll be spending one night there. Our main purpose for this short weekend get away is actually to watch “The House of Dancing Water”, an over USD250 million water based show that involves a lot of dance and acrobatic moves. I’ve heard a lot about it so i am super excited about this!!! We have already booked our ferry tickets, hotel room, and the tickets for the show so now i’m just patiently waiting for Dec 24th, hehe.

Anyhow, this is just a quick post as it’s mid night and i need to get my beauty sleep. Night!


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Photo Sunday – Miss Dior Cherie

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Summer like Dior

Yes, i can say that summer has really kicked in today, with temperatures boiling at 30 degrees celcius and along with a 74% in humidity. I have to admit,  i don’t like the humidity at all but the sunshine really does the trick in lightening up your mood and makes you just smile for a split second:) Of course, that is providing you’re not in the rush hour rushing to work in your 3 inch heels, hahaha. Fine….jokes aside,  summer is the best season to embrace (i think so anyway) and you got the pretty flowers everwhere blossoming out in super lovely colors. Of course, we also get to show off our hot summery dresses and let our feet breath some fresh air for once because god knows, we need a break from our sexy pumps at times. 

So i was quite hyped up when i saw what was instored for the Christian Dior Couture Fall 2010 collection. All the models were put into flowery inspired dresses screaming with vibrant colors, textures, and lusting eyes and lips make up.  For me, i think there was alot of movement in the style and i loved the suede bright colored sandels that had strapes which reminded me of flower stems, lol. Is that a crazy thought or what? I have weird imagination eh, lol. Anyhow, here are some of the photos from the collection, enjoy! 

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Happy Valentines to all the lovely ladies!

Yeh i am abit delayed in blogging but thats cuz i had a busy busy February month, with Valentines Day and Chinese New Year falling on the same day!!! So did everyone have a great Valentines Day with their other half this year??? 😀 Well, i cetainly had the bestest V-Day that i could ever ask for because my skat flew all the way to HK to surprise me and i was deeply touched:) We had dinner at Union Bar & Grille which served our fav greasy and fatty American food BUT at least we had a papaya chicken salad as one of the healthier choices,lol. The waitress was really sweet and gave us some lovely rose shaped chocolates for free too!!!

He got me a necklace and braclet from Dior. Its so simple yet elegant and i just love it. I love how it has the small details of the cute butterfly and discreet Dior logo. Its totally durable for daily wear in my opinion as its not too dramatic.  Tak skat!!!!!!!! So happy for everything that you’ve done for me!!!! 

We watched the movie “Valentines Day” during his stay in HK and i must say, it wasnt as good/funny as i expected it to be. But one part that i did find funny was when Jessica Biel said ” My closes relationship is with my blackberry, thank god it vibrates”, lol


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