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Design & Decor: Wall Gallery

For those that are looking for a creative and stylish way to transform your living space and shy away from the usual and safe white blank canvas wall, apart from coloring your wall to another color, the recently much talked wall gallery interior decor idea is definitely worth considering.


The beauty about the wall gallery is that it can be seen as a piece of art, and might even stir up a conversation or two for the story behind your design, for occasions that you have visitors coming to visit. The beauty with the wall gallery is that you can choose any images that you like, whether it’s a digital camera developed photo, a printed out photo from the internet, postcards from countries you’ve traveled across the globe, or it can be as simple as tearing out a fave ad from your magazine. The choices are endless. What’s more is that it adds a personal touch to designing your living space, as there’ s always a story behind each image that you select. It could be that very first shot of the La Tour Eiffel you took with your loved one, a family portrait, or option for less personal approach by using images of iconic people from that past that you adore, such as the lovely Audrey Hepburn, which i very much still adore up to this day.

And these gorgeous wall galleries does not only apply to the living room. You can be adventurous and do whatever you think is stylish for your home. Some of the other areas in your living spaces to consider applying the wall gallery concept includes the hall way, office space, bed room, kids/baby room, or even as far fetched as the bathroom. There is also the shelf wall gallery that i find very interesting, where photo frames lean, instead of hanging on the wall, where they stand tall and pretty on the shelf.

What is your view on wall gallery? And what is your favorite living space to apply the wall gallery concept?












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e290a5e6cd1c201b12f955ffddce07faPhoto source: Pinterest



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Fashion lollipops, anyone?

I’m not sure if you can actually buy these but i find them really yumalicious that i had to share them with you:) If only i could get a taste of these fashion lollies in my mouth, hahaha.  If you want to know, the creator behind this genius idea is Massimo Gammacurta. Check him out!!! He’s really got some  creative ideas going there:)

Photo Source: Trendland


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Black VS White in Fashion…

Samantha Cole is another British designer that we better keep our eyes on! In fact,  her brand Samantha Cole London has already received the Best Womenswear Design for her S/S 09 collection during Fashion Week ,so she means business ladies!!!

What I admire about her design is how she incorporates all three elements in the designs – structure, texture, and shape. Her inspirations derive from modern architecture but i somehow find it more robotic, what do you think?  I guess it isn’t really something you would wear on a daily basis but great to see more innovative designers out there!

Hair: Kim Roy
Model: Kayt Webster-Brown
Make-up: Sandra Bermingham
Stylist: Samantha Cole for Samantha Cole London

Photo Source: Trendland


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Time for DIY Fashion Accesory!!!

I was just reading  the iconic fashion blog when i came across a little DIY project that blogger Lisa Chau wrote about and its pretty neat.  She teaches you how to make a DIY version of the Dries Van Noten necklace made of bangles/rings. I think its a really great idea and i’ll attempt to give it ago in the near future,lol. All the details and photos below are taken from her blog and so no credits go to me;) Do check her blog out as it’s got alot of juicy fashion news!!!!

What do you need?

  • Black velvet ribbon (Approx 30cm)
  • Various bangles and rings of all shapes, colours and sizes. (It looks best when you stick to one theme)
  • Vintage rings
  • Big beads and buttons

What to do?

  • Knot the top of one end of the ribbon leaving about an 8cm gap from the edge of the ribbon to the centre area.
  • Tie the first ring to the knot so that the rings don’t fall off the string.
  • Thread through some vintage rings of all shapes, colours and sizes to the end of the knot.
  • Finish that section by tying another ring in a knot so that you can start the other section.
  • Put your bangles through the string in a fancy order to best achieve the desired result.
  • Knot the edge to finish off leaving extra string space at the end of the neckpiece to tie on.
  • Tie back edges together to complete.

Enjoy and have fun with this Fashion DIY project!!!:)

Photo Source

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Art jamming in Fox Hotel

If you happened to be travelling to Denmark for this Easter break and wanna experience something totally different and out of the normality, then staying at the Fox Hotel may just be the answer.  Fox Hotel is situated in the  heart of Denmark’s capital city Copenhagen. I haven’t personally stayed in this hotel before and so i sadly cant give any feed backs on it, but i read up on their website and the concept really got to me.

It  started in 2005 where Wolksvagan Fox was launching out and 21 artists from around the world in the fields of graphic design, urban art, design, and illustration were called out to work on this big scale project, which is known as today’s Fox Hotel. This hotel has 61 rooms and they all consist of different designs so getting bored of one room will not be an issue at all!!!:)  I would say alot of art jamming went into these rooms and im sure experiencing these rooms in real person will be totally awesome!!!  Below are a few of my fav rooms.

If anyone has the chance to stay at the Fox Hotel then please let me know how the experience was!!! And of course if i do ever stay at the Fox, i’ll be posting photos up whether you want me to or not, haha. I was actually thinking which room i will choose if i have a choice. I probably will go for the full on exotic red room , Japanese inspired room with the red walls, the whitish room with a chandelier that has a royal look to it, and the black and white room with a woman on the wall. Wow, that was quite alot, lol. So what’s your favorite pick?!!??  

Gosh, its getting late, i need to go chill and watch a DVD or something:D

Happy Bunny Hopping…..and eat lots of chocolate easter eggs & bunnies!!!!

Photo Source:  http://www.hotelfox.dk


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Fam Irvoll – watch out for this new creation in fashion:)

Last night i accidently stumbled across this article about this Norwegian designer Fam Irvoll and she absolutely blew me away.  There seems to be so much life and energy in the clothes that she makes and its definitely not for the faint hearted (Lady Gaga is one of her fans so you go figure, lol).  All in all, her fashion statements are more about fun,bright colors and alot of visual effects to play with. Apparently her inspirations comes from Alice in Wonderland, cake,candy, toys, or anything that is vibrant and alive. If you’re interested in something less commercial then you must check her website out on  www.famirvoll.com  !!!

I actually saw this really creative and cute video on her website where they remake scenes from Alice in Wonderland. Its just soo cute!!! And yes, some of the designs in the video are by Fam, as well as some other Norwegian designers.

Oslo Fashion Week –  A/W 2010 “House of Fun” Catwalk

Check out her cat walk – the Fam way that is! Trust me, its truly funny, interactive and entertaining, haha

 As you can see, its all about colors, fun and the cutesy stuff that reminds me of young girl’s childhood. Love how she incorporates cutey stuff like lollipop,balloon, hairbands, polka dots, elephant stuffed toy, and etc. She even designed for kids!!! Imagine young girls getting all glammed the fun way:) Youngsters in this day and age just seem to be getting all the good stuff eh;) 

I am amazed by her innovative way of designing clothes and especially in presenting a catwalk!!! So thinking out the box if you ask me. Oh, and i heard she’ll be making a collection with Top Shop real soon so anyone in England, stay tuned!! And guess what?? Im going to London for a 2 weeks vacay in May!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, so EXCITEDDDDDDDDDDDD……….!!!!! Keep u all posted:)

“House of Fun Collection”



Photo Source: http://www.famirvoll.blogspot.com/,www.famirvoll.com , http://www.norwegianfashion.no, http://intoyoureyes.com/blog/fam-irvoll-house-of-fun/


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Floral patterns this spring, anyone?

I just couldnt help but notice alot of floral print dresses while i was skimming thru Glamour and Cosmopolitan. I got to say, its truly a delight to see such colorful and refreshing outlooks welcoming this spring season! I really wanna get some nice floral print dresses too! Oh yah, i read up on this British designer named Henry Holland, anyone heard of him? Gosh, i got so excited when i heard he graduated from the same uni as me – London College of Printing (now known as London College of Communication) but of course i dont share the same fame as he does!  Thats also why i got more excited when i found out that he collaborated with Debenhams to create his own collection which consists of colorful,floral, and playful outfits !!!!  Model Pixie Geldof  looks so cute in one of his floral print dress!!!

H! by Henry Holland Floral Print Collection

Pixie and the designer himself Henry Holland!

Other H! by Henry Holland floral prints from his collection

I  love this over sized floral t- shirt!

H! by Henry Holland Accessories

Super cute girly pink hairband to bring that extra cuteness to a great smile:)

Bagazine Clutch

 To be honest, this clutch isnt really my cup of tea but i guess i wouldnt mind using to spice up a monotoned outfit. I found this clutch on Henry’s blog and watched a short video clip where he was introducing about his mini clutch invention called BAGAZINE – u know bag and magazine?? hahaha Yeah, i think its pretty neat and fun to design it like the cover of a mag but  i must say, its so done before! I remember seeing newspaper patterns on clutches or bags too. Wonder what we will see next? Credit card or bill statement patterned clutches? lol

and O-M-G, its almost 2am, bed time!!!  Sweet dreams:)

Photo Source: http://blog.debenhams.com/Henry/

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