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Elle x Chloe

Every now and then i will go down to my local convenience store to pick up some fashion magazines. Unfortunately the area where i live only provide fashion magazines in Chinese versions, and while i can’t really read Chinese (but looking at the fashionable images makes up for that!), it comes down a lot cheaper in comparison to the English versions.

So there i was, on a Sunday afternoon, standing at my local convenience store for probably 15 minutes  deciding on what fashion magazine would be the best deal and that’s when i spotted the March issue of Elle.  Now it’s not that i normally get the Chinese Elle issue but much to my surprise and delight, they were giving a free Elle x Chloe diary book!!! Of course,  i could not turn down such a lovely offer as that would just be plain rude, right? Yes, i suppose i do tend to get sucked into these marketing gemicks for those that know me oh too well, and it’s soooo bad! But what else is a girl who has a love for fashion, suppose to do? lol.

The gorgeous Chinese woman on the cover of the magazine is Sandy Lam who is a very talented singer in Hong Kong, and she has been in the music industry since the 1980’s. Yes, she still looks gorgeous and youthful eh?

One of the things that i really like about Chinese fashion magazines over here is that they come along with other magazines as well. For Elle, it comes with 2 other magazines where one is based on beauty and health and the other one is based on shopping, while the main magazine is purely fashion.

If you want the Elle x Chloe diary book as much as i do and you live in Hong Kong, you better go and check it out now!!!

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Photo Sunday – it’s time for spring!!!

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Photo Sunday – What you looking at?

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Blake Lively takes on Elle (Singapore)!!!

I just bought the Elle Singapore April issue and it’s the first time ever in my life buying the Singaporean version. I just suddenly had this urge to buy a non US or UK issue and plus, i was on a budget and Elle Singapore was much cheaper, lol.  And of course, the gorgeous Blake Lively was on the cover so that was a bonus for me!!!

I gotta say, i’m happy i tried out a diff mag because Elle Singapore has just as much great fashion information, images, and beauty tips and it’s some what more catered to the Asian market (duh), whilst incorporating fashion at an international level. It’s a must buy! And i realized it’s fun experimenting with other branded magazine reads as you get to see how other magazines lay out their fashion contents, and what kind of fashion news or type of articles are written about. The only down fall of buying fashion magazines that you’ve not read before? You risk wasting money if you end up with a crap azz magazine that is filled with lousy and non interesting contents and loads of advertisements (i hate those!!!).

So wanna know what it looks like inside Elle Singapore without paying a single dollar? You just got lucky because i’ve taken some photos of the April issue so you can take a sneak peak. Enjoy!!!

Interview with Blake Lively

Fashion trends

Beauty Products/Advice

Fashion shots

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Elle UK Feb 2011 – Chanel Iman

I don’t think anyone will ever disagree that Chanel Iman is one of the greatest and prettiest models out there, at least in this very moment in time, right? She’s just got that whole charisma thing going on!

And if you haven’t already, you should defo pick up the Feb issue of ELLE UK, which features Chanel Iman in a series of glamourous photo shots, as taken by David Vasiljevic. She looks absolutely stunning in the photos, and flaunts her beauty without a flaw with luxurious designer labels such as Prada, YSL, and Chloe. Chanel simply makes it all work in these fun, bright colored, and defined structured outfits! Everything just looks glassy, stylish, playful, and casual, all at the same time!

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Photo Sunday – The Bal Masqué

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