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March Love 2013


Attending my fave J-pop, Namie Amuro’s 20th Anniversary Asia Tour, her first concert ever in Hong Kong. The night was filled with dancing, jumping, along with singing and screaming to her old 90’s classic songs such as “Can you celebrate?”, “Respect the power of love”, “Say the word”, and many more. Celebrating a dear friend’s birthday on a relaxing weekend over Italian food, and surprised her with a birthday dessert platter. Friday night drinks with friends in town from Canada, accidentally discovered this stylish and chic bar, Lily & Bloom, that serves exotic and extraordinary cocktails!

Getting my hearty and healthy breakie back on track at work, with raspberry yogurt mixed with blueberries, strawberries, and pumpkin flax granola. Trying out my new cosmetics, the Jill Stuart custard lip pot (#C4, chocolat custard) to welcome spring time! Gently I blend this in with a clear gloss to give that extra shine. Doing a bit of good deed and contributed to World Vision for charity.

Spotted this cute floral summer dress and knitted cardigan, and got it in a heart beat for my friend’s recent new born baby girl. Started picking up on reading again. My current read is “the kite runner” and the occasional “fifty shades of grey” for my lazy read days. Spring shopping in H&M and got myself this sleeveless burgundy top with gorgeous lace detailing on it.

I am blessed for each and every day that was filled with love, fun, laughters, and sharing special moments with people I love and care for. You are my March Love 2013.


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Photo Sunday – it’s time for spring!!!

Photo source: Fashion Gone Rogue


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Photo Sunday – Spring Blossom


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Spring loving with Devon Aoki

The weather has been terribly cold for the past 2 weeks and it’s just pure torture! Not to mention all these fashion talks about the Spring collections as of lately, which i’m just not feeling at all. Can you blame me though? I’ve been in nothing but sweaters, big coats, and boots for the past month!

But i think i may just have found a quick fix – Elle US Feb 2011!!! Yes, my fave model Devon Aoki is back in action where she beautifully embraces the glossy magazine pages with the spring time that i’ve been lusting for.  I love all the vibrant colors that oozes from the photos and it just makes me want Spring to arrive right here right now!!! And don’t you think Devon’s distinctive look is just ohhh soooooooo beautiful? 🙂 Heart it!

Have a happy Friday ya’ all!!!

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Floral patterns this spring, anyone?

I just couldnt help but notice alot of floral print dresses while i was skimming thru Glamour and Cosmopolitan. I got to say, its truly a delight to see such colorful and refreshing outlooks welcoming this spring season! I really wanna get some nice floral print dresses too! Oh yah, i read up on this British designer named Henry Holland, anyone heard of him? Gosh, i got so excited when i heard he graduated from the same uni as me – London College of Printing (now known as London College of Communication) but of course i dont share the same fame as he does!  Thats also why i got more excited when i found out that he collaborated with Debenhams to create his own collection which consists of colorful,floral, and playful outfits !!!!  Model Pixie Geldof  looks so cute in one of his floral print dress!!!

H! by Henry Holland Floral Print Collection

Pixie and the designer himself Henry Holland!

Other H! by Henry Holland floral prints from his collection

I  love this over sized floral t- shirt!

H! by Henry Holland Accessories

Super cute girly pink hairband to bring that extra cuteness to a great smile:)

Bagazine Clutch

 To be honest, this clutch isnt really my cup of tea but i guess i wouldnt mind using to spice up a monotoned outfit. I found this clutch on Henry’s blog and watched a short video clip where he was introducing about his mini clutch invention called BAGAZINE – u know bag and magazine?? hahaha Yeah, i think its pretty neat and fun to design it like the cover of a mag but  i must say, its so done before! I remember seeing newspaper patterns on clutches or bags too. Wonder what we will see next? Credit card or bill statement patterned clutches? lol

and O-M-G, its almost 2am, bed time!!!  Sweet dreams:)

Photo Source: http://blog.debenhams.com/Henry/

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