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Inspire me, please?

Inspirations are everywhere around us, if we only open our eyes and look a bit closer.  The simplest things in life such as families, my fave macaron desserts, a walk in the park, or just being able to wake up in the mornings next to a loved one and say a warm “good morning”, is already a very inspiring if not, happy moment for me.

We need to learn to appreciate life and understand that even the smallest things, can have an impact on our lives. It could be that last train at night that you caught to get home, those solo cafe visits where you go to clear your mind, or even just a phone call to your dearest friend to say a quick “Hello”. And very often so, it is these precious moments where we find bigger things in life, we find inspirations and happiness to keep us going and living, and believing.

I hope you will find or keep looking for your life long inspirations, no matter where you are, what you do, and who you are with. Never stop living and never stop smiling because you never know, there might just be that special someone watching you and falling for that sweet smile=)

Is there anything in life that inspires you?

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Photo Sunday – Chanel Christmas


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Style Inspiration

The weather is still pretty chilly lately and i’m really really missing the sun now!!!!!!!!! Honestly, I’m just sooo tired of wearing nothing but sweaters, cardigans, coats, scarf, and boots for the past few months. I always feel that i look less done up when i’m in my winter gear, lol. Do you ever get that feeling? It’s like you’re wearing layers and layers of clothes and you just end up looking chunky.

Yep, I think I really am in need of some serious style inspiration so i don’t feel as blah, and of course, that means time to shop, hehehe. I found these lovely style inspiring photos and hopefully they’ll inspire me when i go shop for my spring/summer outfits:) 

Have a fabulous Friday!!!

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Photo Sunday – Ms. Paradis in black Chanel

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My Chanel Valentine

Chanel’s latest  Rouge Coco Shine lipstick collection is surely showing signs of some Valentines infused sweet romance!  Their pretty in pink shade named “Boy” is every soo pretty and just perfect for the upcoming “love” day so be quick to snatch one and impress your boy! And if you’re single, you sure as heck should get it and  impress yourself with your well deserved lovely smile! 

And here’s a little sweet fact for you. The lipstick is named after Arthur Capel (aka Boy), Coco Chanel’s lover. Ah……the romance in it all! 

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Sunday Photo – What ya looking at?

 Photo Source: http://fashiongonerogue.com

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Sunday Photo – No better things in life than Chanel

Lately i noticed that  many of the fashionista bloggers out there seems to be carrying a trend of having themed titles for their blog entrees and i thought, what a great and fun idea! So for the first time ever since i started blogging here, im going to start my Sundays as a “Photos only” blog entree:) And i’ve always agreed with the saying that pictures speak more than words.  Of course, there will be exceptions on certain Sundays where there are some “must know” stuffs that i just have to die and share with you all!!!!  Sharing is caring right? hehe. For now, im leaving you all  with some fabulous photos by Chanel.

P.S. Enjoy the rest of your weekend ladies:)

Photo Source: http://cocochanel-blog.com/

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