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Romantic dinner, art jamming, and cheap shopping…

BF finally had a day off last week and i was thoughtful enough to have booked us a table for a romantic dinner at Stables Grill. My friend recommended it and the photos on the website looked well inviting. We had sesame humus with pita bread and my fave parma ham for starters, and they were both delish! The mini toasts next to the parma ham was a tad bit odd and not to mention, kinda too over toasted? haha. BF ordered the Aberdeen Angus Prime Strip Loin for main and it was just oh soooo tender and juicy. It came in a selection of 6 sauces for you to choose from, pretty neat eh!? It had honey mustary, teriyaki, rosemary gravy, and i forgot the rest,lol. I was just busy eating! I went for the plain Fettuccini Bolognese (minced beef in tomatoe sauce) which tasted way better than it looked!

For drinks, i ordered my all time fave Brazilian cocktail, Caipirinha, which did not fail to impress! The sourness of the lime and sweetness of the sugar was just perfect. All in all, we had a great evening and we ended the night with a light stroll at the Victoria harbour over looking the beautiful sky scrapers of Hong Kong.

I also had the opportunity to get creative last weekend and arranged an art activity for my friend’s surprise birthday. We went to  Ka Atelier to paint some ceramics and it was so much fun! I felt like a kid all over again. I had such a hard time thinking of what color to use for my vase and at the end i choose pink, yellow, and sky blue. I won’t post a photo of my final product as it’s much more fun to leave that for your own imaginiation, right? lol. But i think i should definitely arrange these art/painting classes more as it’s a nice and different way to chill with friends over a free flow of  tea, chocolates, and biscuits, as provided by the studio!

Of course, i always manage to squeeze in time for some light shopping and, and it was really cheap too! I just finished watching EAT PRAY LOVE on DVD lately and decided to buy the book because the movie was really that good! But as expected, the book turns out to be way more interesting. There are just so much more details and descriptions in writing. So far the book is inspiring me in life and it’s been a good company for me on my train rides back home. I also bought myself a really nice Tiffany look alike key necklace the other day. I got it in Cotton On and it only cost HK$25!!! Too good of a bargain to miss, i say!!! I know it’s not the real thing but i can’t really afford to buy the real thing at the moment. This fakey will just have to suffice for now;)

Hope you all had a fab and fun week too!!!!


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Fashion is yummy!!!

Every now and then i come across some sort of art work where i think WOW…how did they think of that? And i would then wonder, gosh why didn’t i think of that? lol.  I guess it takes imaginative minds to create wacky and  creative art to let other normal human beings like myself, to actually enjoy the art. One of these talented person that i’m talking about is photographer Fulvio Bonavia who made a photo shoot of fashionable and stylish accessories made out of….yes, FOOD!!!!! Maybe it’s really a matter of taste, as suggested by the name of his shoot. So you be the judge and decide whether or not if it’s your taste:)

Photo Source

I actually saw the raspberry handbag on exhibit at the Landmark shopping mall in Hong Kong.  Unfortunately, i was in a super rush that day and so i forgot to take a photo of this great event. Luckily, i managed to find one photo of the Landmark shopping mall with Fulvio’s exhibit on a blogger’s website, as shown below.

Photo Source

Speaking of food, i also had my own share of love for dessert  over the weekend for my belated birthday high tea and yes, it was at the Landmark shopping mall too!!! lol….The restaurant is called L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon (www.robuchon.hk)  and it actually has a rating of 2 Michelin stars. Their cakes are really yummy and looks tooo pretty to be eaten:D Of course, i ate mine with no problem at all, hehe.  I especially couldn’t get enough of the Rose Mousse Cake where the rose scent was just oozing out from each bite that i took. It’s a must try, ladies:) The savory dishes were alright but their beautiful presentation was enough to impress me. It was like a total piece of art work with small details in mind, such as the tuna cut into delicate tiny squares. I heard that they also have other chains across Paris, Tokyo, New York, London, and Taipei. So if you’re ever in any of these big cities, please go there for a visit and let me know how it went.  

La Rose Mousse Cake, Banana Caramel Chocolate Mousse Cake, and Passion Fruit Banana Cake – Yums!!!

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Photo Sunday – The rainbow girl

Photo Source: Trendland

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Gallery art work by Sabine Pigalle

Found these really amazing gallery art work by Sabine Pigalle who is based in Paris. Love the black and white color scheme added in with the splash of vibrant colors in the mix. There’s a strong connection between femininity and nudity exhibited here, which i some how find really alluring in the fashion sense. You can find more of her great art work on her website Sabine Pigalle.

Courtesy of Sabine Pigalle and Louise Alexander Gallery (www.louise-alexander.com)

Photo Source


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