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August Love 2013

Aug Love 2013

Take away sashimi rice and an ice cold peach drink are the best lunch options for those lazy weekends, and of course, catching up on my fashion mags. Being bombarded by all these different Japanese branded mascaras at the cosmetic shop SaSa, and stared in admiration on their cute packaging but left empty handed. Enjoying some delish cupcakes from Sift, a cupcake shop around my office, because sometimes we just need a treat for no reason.

Family weekend trip to Sai Kung in celebration for my cousin’s new born baby girl, where seafood and sunny weather completed our day. Admiring flowers in the supermarket because they just bring a smile to my face with all the gorgeous colors and blossoms. Celebrating a good old friend’s birthday at Hooray Bar, over delicious food, wine, and great chit chats. Her birthday surprise came in the form of a tiramisu birthday dessert, which was camouflaged into this cute plant.

A busy month filled with birthdays where i still write and mail birthday cards to my nearest and dearest, such as my sister back in London and my BFF in Beijing. Put on some trainers and off i went on the running track for 5 laps to kill off the stress from a hectic week at work. A lovely ending to August before autumn arrives, over a quiet dinner at Nishiki Don in Tsim Sha Tsui, eating sashimi, sushi, and my fave plum wine , with great food and great company.

I am blessed for each and every day that was filled with love, fun, laughters, and sharing special moments with people i love and care for. You are my August Love 2013.


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Happy Friday peeps!

So it’s finally Friday and I’ve come down with a damn nasty sore throat!!! So much for “Thank god it’s Friday” eh? I actually took a day off work  todayand i guess i had some much needed sleep. Looks like i will be staying in and resting a lot over the weekend. Boooooooooo!!! Yes, sounds like a bummer weekend already.

Here are some inspiring and happy photos that i wanted to share with you all and i guess a reminder to myself to always be happy no matter what!!!:D There’s just so much going on in this busy world that we live in that we tend to forget the smallest things that matter so much more. Sometimes all we need to do is just slow down and appreciate a bit more on what this beautiful world has to offer in it’s simplest form. That’s where true happiness can be found, when you least expect it.

Anyhow, hope you guys have a happy Friday and awesome weekend ahead!!!!

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I heart cupcakes:)

I love cupcakes. I love how they look so colorful and all that thick frosting on top is just irresistible! To me, cupcake is  a piece of art with all the creativity, styles, and flavoring that goes in it. Unfortunately, there’s not alot of cupcake shops in Hong Kong and it’s a real bummer.  But i have to say, one of my favorite cupcake shops in town is definitely Complete Deelite. It was established in 2004 by Jacinta Yu who worked in the fashion business in New York, prior to her Complete Deelite creation. You can check her blog out here to enjoy her delicious cupcakes, cakes, and etc!!! Here are a few that i wanna eat right this moment, and they look fashionable enough to be eaten too, hehe.

Alfred DunhillKiehl’sWedgwoodTiffany & Co. (love this one!!)

I also discovered another cupcake goddess Amber Vander, who is all the way in los olivos, California. But that won’t stop me from admiring her delicious cupcakes at Enjoy Cupcakes. I like the idea how she has a cupcake trailer that goes around with her for special events and celebrations. It’s kind of like, i go wherever the business takes me, lol. But it’s a creative and practical concept in the sense that you’re delivering your service to the client’s door step. Why can’t we have something like that here?! haha. Below are some photos of her shop and it’s to die for!

“The Cupcake Trailer”

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I’ve got a sweet tooth

I tumbled across this blogger’s yummy dessert photos and i almost died. Its currenctly 12:30 midnight and this is no good as i’m suppose to go to bed and not think of cupcakes,cookies,macarons,etc……Oh well, have a sweetly delicious day for the rest of you guys!!!! And if you got a sweet craving too then go to her dessert blog and get ready to drool big time:)

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First trip of the year–Taiwan

I cant believe the first month of 2010 is already coming to an end and it just shows how time really flies by. So go do what you gotta do before its too late!!! Anyhow, i thought the best way to start the year would be to share some happy memories from my trip in Taiwan. I actually celebreate NYE there too.

101 Tower

On the night of New Year’s Eve, my friends and i headed to the 101 Tower to watch the fireworks after a delicious seafood dinner. I have to say it was a crazy night fighting our way to this gigantic tower. Everyone was heading to the 101 Tower and the crowd was so massive that i thought we would never get there in time but thank god that wasn’t the case:) The wait was totally worth it though after experiencing the breath taking view of the fireworks. I have to say, some of the photos were taken by my sister’s professional camera but even so, it still dont really do it justice;)

This photo was taken in the bus where we bussing it to see the fireworks and i was just amazed by how many freaking scooters there were outside! I know that scooters are Taipei’s main means of transport but this was like a hurdle of them! Never quite seen a scene like this before!


OMG, i discovered this donut place “Mister Donut ” that i totally fell in love with. Apparently it is from Japan and they have opened up more shops in Shanghai too!!!  These donuts are not as sweet and with a softer texture to the dough, a difference to what I have tried in the past with Dunkin Donut and Krispy Kreme. I guess its to cater to the Asian market or maybe its just to promote a healthier way of eating junk food, lol. Here are the yummy donuts from Mister Donut!!! Im drooling just looking at them, gosh how i miss you all!!!

This was a cupcake shop i saw in a shopping mall and being the cupcake addict that i am, i went and bought two!!!! But i was really disappointed because the looks did not live up to its standard in taste, lol.

Crazy city life

I don’t know how on earth people commute in Taipei! This bus was beyond packed, it was people jammed, lol.  I found it halarious at the time so i just had to snap it! hehehe. I dont often see this and not even in a busy city like Hong Kong!!!!

101 Tower/Tiffany & Co. Christmas tree

I still remember that moment when i saw the Tiffany & Co. Christmas tree right infront of my very own eyes.  It was standing so tall and pretty, and i just wanted to take it home all for myself, hehe.I loved the colored coordination and how they put cute little ice skates and snow flakes on the tree. Its really these little details that make it look so beautiful altogether.

The night view of Taipei taken from the 89th floor on 101 Tower!!!! Breath taking view isnt it? For some reason, this view reminds me of the night view in Chicago that i saw off a friend’s photo album. Then again, i suppose all big cities share the similar night view.  But i still think that Hong Kong has the best night view!!! YAhh!!!!!

Trip to Wulai

This was a short one day trip to Wulai, about 1.5 hours away from Taipei. You wont believe it but we went all the way there just to get our feet cleaned by gazillion small fishes. They were nibbling on my feet and eating up the dead skin!! I know that sounds gross and it felt nasty too! It was like a weird feeling where a bunch of things were tickling and biting you at the same time, lol. Dont worry, its not that bad so try it if you ever get the chance! Wulai is also known for their beautiful hot springs and scenic views  and I was lucky enough to capture a few good shots of the water falls despite a few rain drizzles that day. 

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Caught in a cupcake romance!!! ^0^

Gosh, has it already been more than over half a year since i last updated?!?! But on a happy note, Happy New Year and all the best as we enter 2010!!!!! I feel bad for not updating  as it shows lack of commitment but that is just what happens when you got too much to do and too little time to do! lol Well, one thing that has not or will not change since i last blogged is my love for delicious desserts!!! There has just been way too many dessert moments in the past few months that it aint even funny. But i’ll give you guys a glimpse at what I had last weekend at this Vietnamese/Thai restaurant called Rice Paper, and this was prior going to the cinema to watch the fabulous “Avatar”, which by the way rocks!!!  Anyhow, so I ordered a French Kiss dessert which is as sexilicious and as it sounds, hehe. It’s actually 2 short breads compressing some nougat ice cream, and topped with a scoop of raspberry sorbet on top. Nougat is like one of my favorite ice cream flavors and its so rare in HK  and hence, i jumped at it when i saw it in the menu, hehe. Must say, the short bread tasted more like digestive biscuits but it wrote short bread on the menu so i was like fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee by me! 

French Kiss

Now I have this really big addiction with cupcakes but its kinda fizzled out lately as im trying to watch my weight, haha. Though I always had this thing about finding the best cupcake shop in Hong Kong. But for now, let me present you with these lovely cupcakes that i had a few days ago to fuel your sweet cravings:)

Christmas Cupcake

Red Velvet Cupcake

                   Strawberry Cupcake

What can i say… Yummmers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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