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July Love 2013

Nothing more relaxing than enjoying a delicious choco mint and taro ice cream on a sunny weekend. Organizing my nail polish collection and had them neatly stacked in my newly purchased transparent box from Muji. Saturday night out with BFF, trying a new bar in LKF, whilst sipping away on my exotic lychee sangria.

Losing myself in a homeware shop, where I was captivated by their cute nick nacks, such as candle holders, clocks, photo frames, note books, and the list goes on. Finally went to the Totoro exhibition, which was the talk of town recently, and i fell in love with this giant sized Totoro stuffed animal instantly! Totoro is just oh so cute and fluffy!!!! Impulsive shopping spree to stock up on my summer outfits at h&m is always fun times.

A glass of red wine with BFF while overlooking the Victoria Harbour, is the way to kill any Monday blues. Bought a pair of neon colored Nike trainers to add some fun for my gym and hiking sessions. I’ve always wanted a wooden alphabet stand and i was in heaven when I came across this shop that was selling these alphabets in red,black, and white, and at a cheap price too. Now I just need to decide what alphabet to get.

I am blessed for each and every day that was filled with love, fun, laughters, and sharing special moments with people i love and care for. You are my July Love 2013.

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In the city of love: Paris

As we enter July along with the hot summery season in full swing, I cannot help but keep dreaming of a getaway. It only seems like yesterday when I went to Europe with my family for my 30th birthday last September, where my parents got their first taste of Paris. It was my second time going to Paris but i think it’s fair to say that going to this lovely city just once or twice is not enough.

If you ever do go visit Paris, here are a few of my must do, see, and go to.


1. Enjoying the city while eating away

Walking around the city of love, while searching for local yummy food is a must do. There is something exciting and fun about experiencing another culture through eating. On the way walking to La tour Eiffel, I noticed some food stalls that were selling these colorful twirl lollies and delicious gelato ice cream.



We ended up eating some not so cheap but yummy baguettes and sat on a bench in a park. The sun was beaming as we slowly savored our baguettes and we couldn’t had asked for more, considering it was suppose to be a promise of rain that day.

To no surprise, Paris had plenty of streets that were packed with bakery shops, which was absolutely paradise for me. The moment of walking into a bakery with the aroma of fresh baked goods followed by a “bonjour” is what made the experience oh so very poshly French to me. One of their worldly recognized dessert, Macaron, was definitely on my list to try as well. After all, it was in Paris where i had my first taste of macarons and i fell in love with them then and there. I could already hear Laduree and Fachoun calling my name.


2. Discovering the streets of Paris in the simplest way

One of the things I love most about Paris are the art work and paintings that are displayed on the streets. My dad was so cute and bought a small painting of La tour Eiffel and said that he would frame it when we get back to Hong Kong. Sadly,this lovely painting is still in my dad’s room collecting dust and missing a lovely photo frame to accompany it, lol.



A stop by at the souvenir shops are a must as I love getting little gifts to myself and my friends and families back home. As i got a magnet collection for each country i visit, the Parisian themed magnets were on my top list to get. Other small gifts idea are postcards with scenic views of Paris, la tour Eiffel key chains, or other special nick nacks.


Other beauties that caught my attention was this colorful and slightly worn out looking merry go around. My sister has this fascination about merry go around and so there I stood along with her and snapped a photo of it before we crossed the road. A simple form of nature such as the fallen leaves on the ground would inspire me to attempt at taking an arty photo. My turquoise flats seemed like a perfect color combo with the yellowish leaves on the ground, and was a great way to symbolize that i’ve stepped foot onto Paris. Maybe not in the most obvious way but it felt right at that moment as I took the shot.



3. Taking the tourist bus to get the most out of the main tourist attractions

The hop on and off bus must have been the best invention ever for tourists on visits. It’s easy and carefree and you can stop or get on wherever you want in Paris. I’ve already done all this on my first trip to Paris but taking my parents there was an entirely different and special experience.

La tour Eiffel



Everyone who goes to Paris will inevitably visit la tour Eiffel at least once. And i got to say, I never got sick of this beautiful view for the 3 days that I stayed there. You can take photos of it from afar, up close, or like me, take a shot of it from below. This angle is amazing especially during the day time when the sun is beaming against the la tour Eiffel. If you want to be more adventurous and have time, you can walk up or take the lift up. I walked half way up this tower with a friend back in my uni days and I assure you, the view will be worth ever step.

Louvre Palace and Louvre Museum





Taking a stroll in the Louvre museum is a great and relaxing way to enjoy some art time, for those that are interested to discover the artsy side of Paris. If the weather permits, you can even try to capture beautiful shots from the outside of the Louvre Palace. The triangle glass ceiling of the Louvre museum is one of my favorite characteristics about this place.

The Palais Garnier Opera House

Enjoy local ballets and opera performances if you fancy a bit of rest time while indulging to some great melodies with class. The Palais Garnier is of course, also one of the world’s most well know opera houses, that has the most beautiful yet historical architectural features to its building. Taking a photo of this beauty is a must, whether with you in the photo or not.

Notre- Dame cathedral, the Eglise du Dome church, and La Madeleine church







The churches and cathedrals are also worth a visit to understand more about the history of France. It’s a quiet and sacred place where you can calm your thoughts away from the busy city of Paris, and find peace momentarily. The architectural structures of these buildings are of course, of such beauty, which you can admire from a distance or in close proximity.

How would you spend your time in Paris, and which activities mentioned above is your favorite?

Photo source: by me


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7 things to do this summer…

It has been non stop rainy weather for the past few weeks that i started to question if i was in London.  Just the other night there was thunder and lightening, which managed to scare the heck outta me every single time, where I do this little jump (or a small whisper “omg”). Meanwhile,  it has also been extremely humid and hot where the temperatures rise as high as 30 degrees Celsius!!! Apart from the humidity,  i have to admit, i am really looking forward in doing more summery things as  we approach summer.

With a little prep work and putting some thoughts into it,  I have come up with 7 ways to make your summer a little bit more fun. So ready or not, here it is.

1. Cycling

I’ve recently picked up cycling again for the past year or so, and i already can’t wait to hop on a bike and start my adventure. So far i’ve only cycled in the New Territories area of Hong Kong and it is definitely worth a go. The journey from Tai Po to Tai Wai (or vice versa) has a friendly cycling route, where you can witness Hong Kong’s nature surpassing  high mountains, rivers, and greenery.

Wherever you are now, i say you hop on that bike this weekend and start your journey. I’m sure you will find it inspiring and a good break from your daily routines.

2. Froyo/Ice cream

Froyo and ice cream are another fave food that i crave once i feel the boiling temperatures. That cooling and sweet sensation in my taste buds is enough to put a smile on my face. I tend to go for froyos with fruits now as i try to be more healthy.

One of my fave froyo place to hang out at is Yo MaMa,  where my friends and i sit there “MMmmmmmmmmmm’ing” over our dessert whilst catching up. Okay fine, the “MMmmmmm” has died down a bit since i go there quite frequently,lol.

3. Beaches

I don’t actually do this enough but i always imagine trips down the beach where i can spend the whole afternoon there doing nothing. I find it very relaxing to lay down on the warm sand as i hear the waves crashing against the shore. That mind easing sound makes me feel more connected to nature and allows me to leave all of my worries behind for a while. Not to mention, i can get a lovely tan!!!

4. Perfumes

Perfume is a must have in my daily life style.  There is not one day i do not leave my home without spraying perfume on, apart from the times when i was too sick to even care about smelling good. It’s one of the easiest way to freshen yourself up if you have one of those last min emergency dates to go to.

I like perfumes that are fresh and mild in sweetness during the summer. Right now i am thinking to get Daisy by Marc Jacobs.

5. Summer dresses and skirts

The best part about summer is that you can bring out all your girlie dresses, mini skirts, and wear things as colorful as you want, without feeling out of place.

The feeling of loose silk or polyester fabrics against your skin is for sure to make you feel fabulous! Sometimes i do get a little kiddy as well, and the temptation of doing a small twirl with my skirt kicks in!!!

6. Sandals

Summer is also the time you can wear sandals and finally let your feet out to breath and flash it to the world!  The ease of walking in sandals is a no brainer and not to mention the variety of summer sandals that are out there waiting for us!

I don’t know about you but I always feel like a kid in a candy shop when i go shoe shopping. Of course, pedicures are essential in such situations and being a nail polish freak that i am, i couldn’t have asked for more.

7. Vibrant nail polishes

Nail polish is a must for me all year round and with the hot summer time, i take the advantage and try to go with more vibrant colors. Lately i have been liking the pastel tones, and i really want to get the minty color. For those that are color shy, I suggest you to try out with the pastel tones first. If you feel more comfortable after a while, you can try to experiment with more bright colors and just have fun!

I’m not sure about you ladies, but a bright and clean manicure always gets me in a better mood!

What about you? Are there some things that you love to do or suggest to do during the summer time??? Please feel free to add to the list!!!


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Oh happy days!

You know how people say happy days always passes by faster? Well, i could not agree more myself. The past February flew by before i knew it and i don’t even know where the time went! But one thing for sure, i had a lot of great and happy memories and I feel truly blessed for each and every memory.

I guess my packed schedule for an entire month also explains my lack of posting but i have to admit,  I’m happy to be back at blogging and I’m thrilled to share with you all on what i’ve been up to lately.

As i mentioned in my previous post, i celebrated my BFF’s big 30th birthday and took took her to this lovely restaurant called Armani Aqua (currently under Aqua Restaurant Group), which had an absolutely lovely and cosy ambiance with very dim lighting along with a backdrop of red lighting throughout the restaurant. I know it sounds a bit freaky when you imagine an entire restaurant like that but trust me, it has a relaxing atmosphere where you can enjoy delicious food, or just to have a drink or two at it’s next door neighbor, a lounge club, Armani Privé.

Armani Aqua serves a mix of Japanese and Italian food, which is both our favorite so it was a no brainer that i had to pick this restaurant. My BFF wanted a low key celebration and so we two dined a romantic dinner together. Actually i much prefer it this way so i can have her all to myself, haha.

The service was excellent and the waitress that served us made sure everything was alright, while giving us enough privacy at the same time. I also managed to talk to the Restaurant Assistant Manager who happened to be from London, and was kind enough to give me a free glass of Chardonnay because the Chili cocktail I had ordered was too spicy for me, despite the waitress assuring me it was not.  To end the night, he offered us both a “night cap” before we finished our dessert.

The Chili cocktail

Now i have never heard of the term “night cap”, and so I mistakenly  thought he meant “night cab”.  I politely rejected him and said we were still hitting town and didn’t  need a cab, and of course, this is the point where he sat down next to me and explained this terminology. If you are wondering and don’t know this term either, it’s an alcoholic drink that you take at the end of a festive evening. Yes, you can imagine how embarrassed I was at the time but we had a good laugh about it!

Afterwards we decided to end the night by having a few more drinks at the local bar Letage, which my BFF had designed with her previous design firm. It’s an up scale cigar lounge bar hidden on 33 Staunton Street, Central in Hong Kong, so if you are ever in town please do check it out!

Carpaccio with pears and walnuts

Birthday dessert platter customized for my "skat"

I was also busily involved at work where i was asked to be the MC for my company’s annual dinner party at the Four Seasons hotel in front of 100+ people, and of course i said….YES! I guess my public speaking practice at the Toastmasters club gave me the courage or something but whatever it was, i pulled it through with great success! A lot of the management staffs said i did great in creating a fun an entertaining atmosphere and i was well pleased to hear that.  Without a doubt, it was a pretty nerve wrecking experience but my MC partner was really supportive and helped me out a lot throughout the night.  But it’s definitely one of those experiences that you will never forget for the rest of your life.

Company annual dinner, Four Seasons Hotel

I have recently been really into jazz and classic and so when a friend invited me to  a free mini jazz concert, i jumped at the chance. The jazz singer was Clare Teal and to be honest, i have not heard of her until that very day. So I quickly googled  her and found out that she was from Yorkshire, United Kingdom and right then and there, I already had a good feeling about her. For those that don’t know, i studied in London during my university years and so i always have this soft spot for the UK, which i love and miss so dearly.

Although the concert started later than expected and only lasted 1.5 hours, her fantastic performance along with her great humor made up for it. I ended up buying her latest album, Hey Ho, and managed to speak to her for a bit while she signed my CD. She is such a down to earth woman and is super sweet! I will definitely go to her performances again if i ever get the chance.

I also found myself diving into a little bit of retail therapy and before i knew it, i spotted a new nail polish brand at the APM shopping mall in Kwun Tong. The brand name is Laka and it’s from Israel, which i found a bit surprising. I guess i just never associated Israel with nail polish? Yes, totally bizarre eh. There was a big sale going on too and without thinking much,  i picked out three colors from their spring collection. I got so excited and tried them on the very next day, hehe.

Totally random here but i been so addicted to ice cream lately. Maybe it’s a sign that I’m prepping for the spring season? I remember i was walking by myself one Sunday afternoon down my local town, when i passed by this Japanese ice cream shop. Without hesitation, i quickly walked in and sample tasted probably over 5 flavors before i ended up with the lychee and taro. It was purely heaven just walking slowly while licking my ice cream like no care in the world, lol. Yet another reminder to myself that it’s the smallest things in life that can bring such simple happiness.

So what makes your days a happy one?


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A visit to my home town – Wonderful Copenhagen:)

The continuation of my Europe trip exploration is finally back!!!  The next stop was to my home town, Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s been 3 years since the last time i went back, and it was super thrilling to be able to share my precious childhood memories with my boyfriend.

The minute we arrived to the city and put our lugguages down, we were welcomed by a yummilicious home made BBQ meal prepared by my sister in law’s brother. There were ribs, sausages, chicken skewers, , shrimps, and alot of Danish Tuborg beer to dive into!!! It was a satisfying start to a great night with all that food, booze, and wine, hehe.

As expected, i had to show my wonderfuly boyfriend the usual tourist attractions, and i gotta say,  it was actually quite enjoyable since i don’t normally do this when i go home for family visits.I especially enjoy walking along the famous long pedestrian street, Strøget. Whether you’re in for some high end or cheap shopping, or getting fresh fruit produces, to listening to live music bands on the streets, and chilling at a cafe while enjoying their local Danish pastries, wienerbrød, the list of things to do is endless.  Oh, and I really like checking out this kitchenware shop called Bodum and they’ve got it across the globe, so that means getting my hands on their stuff in Hong Kong is easy peasy,hehe.

 As with all my trips back to good old Denmark, i never leave without trying my childhood favorite Vanilla soft Ice (Ice Cream), and they are absolutely the best soft ice cream in the world!!! Mind you, if you do go to Denmark and try their Soft Ice, please do remember to add that chocolate topping called “Drys”! It’s just simply heaven when you mixed it with the vanilla Soft Ice, hehe.


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