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Fashion is yummy!!!

Every now and then i come across some sort of art work where i think WOW…how did they think of that? And i would then wonder, gosh why didn’t i think of that? lol.  I guess it takes imaginative minds to create wacky and  creative art to let other normal human beings like myself, to actually enjoy the art. One of these talented person that i’m talking about is photographer Fulvio Bonavia who made a photo shoot of fashionable and stylish accessories made out of….yes, FOOD!!!!! Maybe it’s really a matter of taste, as suggested by the name of his shoot. So you be the judge and decide whether or not if it’s your taste:)

Photo Source

I actually saw the raspberry handbag on exhibit at the Landmark shopping mall in Hong Kong.  Unfortunately, i was in a super rush that day and so i forgot to take a photo of this great event. Luckily, i managed to find one photo of the Landmark shopping mall with Fulvio’s exhibit on a blogger’s website, as shown below.

Photo Source

Speaking of food, i also had my own share of love for dessert  over the weekend for my belated birthday high tea and yes, it was at the Landmark shopping mall too!!! lol….The restaurant is called L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon (www.robuchon.hk)  and it actually has a rating of 2 Michelin stars. Their cakes are really yummy and looks tooo pretty to be eaten:D Of course, i ate mine with no problem at all, hehe.  I especially couldn’t get enough of the Rose Mousse Cake where the rose scent was just oozing out from each bite that i took. It’s a must try, ladies:) The savory dishes were alright but their beautiful presentation was enough to impress me. It was like a total piece of art work with small details in mind, such as the tuna cut into delicate tiny squares. I heard that they also have other chains across Paris, Tokyo, New York, London, and Taipei. So if you’re ever in any of these big cities, please go there for a visit and let me know how it went.  

La Rose Mousse Cake, Banana Caramel Chocolate Mousse Cake, and Passion Fruit Banana Cake – Yums!!!

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Bag it to me

I have recently been thinking about getting a designer brand bag but i can’t seem to figure out what to go for. You would think i’m trying to look for Mr. Right at this rate i’m going. I guess we just want to find the best, be it quality or price (only that men don’t have a price on them or do they? lol) . Anyway, so my first options that came straight to mind were LV and Gucci but that seemed abit too commercial and boring. I was talking to a friend the other day and she suggested Chloe and quite honestly, i never really noticed their bags for some reason. I quickly googled these goodies online and was quite pleased with what i saw. Their style is stylish and modern but not too flashy, which is exactly what i’m looking for. It’s not too much to ask for a bag that is durable and practical or just simply timeless, right? Lets just hope  i will be able to find my “it” bag before i go to London (fingers crossed). With so many Chloe bags available in the market, i decided to start by sharing with you on a few selections that i have in mind. Hopefully this will narrow down my bag search dilemma.

 Paraty medium python bag, $3,825

Paraty Large leather tote, $1,995

Marcie Hobo Cross-Body leather bag, $1,265

Marcie Large leather bag, $1,790

Marcie Large leather bag, $1,790

Marci Hobo, Large, $1,595

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Kate Moss for Lonchamp A/W 2010 Collection!!!

I’m not a super fan of Kate Moss but i have to say, there is something about her. And these photos that i came across of her for Longchamp’s bag collection just proves it, where she looks ever so effortlessly striking and sexy!!! I must admit, there is just this charisma about her that you either love or hate. In fact, I think i’m actually learning to find beauty in this lass who came along way from back in her CK jeans modelling days!!!  Boy, don’t we miss those eh?!!? 😉

Photo source: Fashionising

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Trend Alert:Animal Prints

I’m sure you all may have noticed animal prints bombarding everywhere in the fashion world that its almost blinding to the eye.  But being a leopard print fan myself, i have to say that i can never get enough of it.  I’m also really loving the leopard print look in different color tones, which i know looks unnatural but hey, its still gorgeous!!! Since i’m in the mood, I’ve decided to share some great animal print fashion pieces with you all tonight so hope you like my selections:) Oh and i gotta say, I totally adored the hot red D&G leopard print dress that Eve Mendes rocked  at the 66th annual Venice Film Festival. 

Photo Source: Glamour


Diane von Furstenberg 


 Diane von Furstenberg 


Giambattista Valli 


Giambattista Valli




Marc by Marc Jacobs


 Stella McCartney


Sonia by Sonia Rykiel


Alexander Wang

Be&D Garbo


Yves Saint Laurent







Melanie Auld


Roberto Cavalli ankle boots

Oscar de la Renta 




Verdict: I wanna go shopping now!!! lol But i’ll hold it until i hit up London in exactly 24 days!!! Yahhhh baby!!!!:) 

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Sunday Photo – No better things in life than Chanel

Lately i noticed that  many of the fashionista bloggers out there seems to be carrying a trend of having themed titles for their blog entrees and i thought, what a great and fun idea! So for the first time ever since i started blogging here, im going to start my Sundays as a “Photos only” blog entree:) And i’ve always agreed with the saying that pictures speak more than words.  Of course, there will be exceptions on certain Sundays where there are some “must know” stuffs that i just have to die and share with you all!!!!  Sharing is caring right? hehe. For now, im leaving you all  with some fabulous photos by Chanel.

P.S. Enjoy the rest of your weekend ladies:)

Photo Source: http://cocochanel-blog.com/

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