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November Love 2013

Nov Love 2013

My usual chilled Friday night with BFF where we tried a new Spanish restaurant, “Vi Cool”, and enjoyed the evening over red wine and tapas, which was a combination that proved to be just perfect. My newly skincare purchases for the month involving a stop over at Kiehl’s, where my current favorite product is now their “Midnight Recovery Concentrate”. The essential oils acts like an over night serum and has this refreshing lavender fragrance that gives me a sense of relaxation when applied on. Entering a dark and cosy bar by the name of “Tai Long Fung” bar for a friend’s birthday, which had interesting Chinese decors, such as using old Chinese lookalike newspaper as their drink menu. Best of all, their drinks are at decent prices and without 10% service charge.

Celebrating mom’s birthday with her friends and families, and some lovely flowers were presented to her on this speical day. Buying two mini cakes from Paul Lafayet on the way home for dad’s birthday. The name of their Earl Grey Infusion and Baileys Dome cakes instantly caught my attention with the lovely purple flower petals and mini red macaron detailing on them. Received a cute elephant print make up bag and some cute Japanese snacks from BFF during her business trip in Japan. Japan never fails to surprise me with their creative and delicious food and snacks!

Enjoying my Sunday afternoon at home  doing research for my Christmas trip to Europe, while enjoying a pot of my fave Earl Grey tea from Fauchon, and some Taiwanese honey sponge cake. Starting my early Christmas shopping at Franc Franc to prepare my Christmas gifts for friends and families back in the UK and Denmark. Amongst the crowd and Christmas songs playing merrily across the shop, i spotted this pretty white jewelry stand in the form of a tree with two cute birds on the branches, which i’m still deciding if i should buy. Some retail therapy at H&M always helps when you have a bad day at work or suffering from Monday blues.

I am blessed for each and every day that was filled with love, fun, laughters, and sharing special moments with people i love and care for. You are my November Love 2013.


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Snapshots in a week…

This week we had a public holiday on Tuesday for Labor Day, and hence we didn’t have to go to work!!! Oh goodie!!! Although it was only one day, it was still a holiday well spent doing the things i wanted and spending time with people i care for.

As i had a sudden urge to eat Japanese food, i called up a friend and we went to Watami where we had some nice sushi, Japanese style thin pizzas, salads, and I ordered myself this delicious Apple Berry Soda drink. We had a good catch up and spent the night away talking about our lives and what not.  Funny enough, my friend had a sudden urge to buy jelly beans and so we headed to Toys R Us to get our quick fix at the Jelly Belly counter. I only bought a small box but she bought a whole bag of them!!! Pure Jelly Bean fever if you ask me! And it made me feel like a kid again, the good old days!

My cousin’s wife also recently gave birth to a baby girl a few days ago and i had the honor to go and visit both the mommy and her little angel at the tender age of only 2 days old. Awww…..she was such a cutie pie lying so still in my arms as i carried her, where she was in a deep sleep with not a single movement. It was such a magical moment for me!

I also managed to get some fitness into my hectic schedule and decided to hit the gym during my day off work, which was a great move. I ran on the treadmill for 33 mins and i felt so refreshed and great afterwards. I seriously think i need take more trips down to the gym.

I have been giving my nails a 2 weeks break from applying any nail polish and I have to say, i knew it wouldn’t last long! With that said, i started painting my nails away this week and i have to say, i’ve missed you dearly!!! This week i’m rocking the tangy neon orange nail polish. It’s such a lovely neon color and perfect for the summer times!

The weather has still been rainy this week but we were in luck and had slight signs of sun shine this weekend. After seeing the big sun on my yahoo weather forecast, i immediately seized the opportunity and arranged to meet 2 of my friends for a biking day!!!

If you have read my previous post about summer, i did mention that this must be on your “to do list” for this summer, as well as some other fun activities suggested,  as shown here.

The weather was absolutely lovely and breath taking today, apart from the slight hotness, lol. But we all had our bottles of water to keep us hydrated and of course, we wore our sunnies to avoid the sun’s UV rays whilst looking stylish, hehe.

I also went into a slight shopping spree today, no surprise there! I went to H&M to accompany my friend to look for a scarf and guess what? Yes, i ended up buying 3 tops but i have fair reasons to justify each purchase.  Each top had it’s function which was work wear, casual/basic wear, and a glam top wear for special night outs. Pretty good justification eh?

My fave is that white top with the glittery sequins and the grey top with ruffles.  There’s nothing too special about the black basic top but the selling point is that it has a see through back!

I’ve used up my day/night face cream and serum and so i went to the Korean cosmetic brand, Laneige, just to check out what was in stock. To my surprise, their prices are quite reasonable and they give a lot of freebies!!! I’ve been told that most Korean cosmetic brands give out a lot of freebies so that is good to know!

I ended up getting what i needed – day/night face cream and serum and also this other product called “White Plus Renew Emulsion”, which is to be applied before the serum. I’ve not tried the products yet but i do hope it will work its magic and give me that glow, lol.

Fore the freebies, they gave me a sample size base, foundation, a key chain with a lip gloss, BB cream (it’s kinda like blemish/concealer cream for the face), sleeping mask, serum, and a few smaller sample sizes of their other products.

I also bought this playful peachy/orangy lip gloss because i was only HK$50 short from getting the freebies, lol. The things we do for beauty and money we waste eh?!?!

I gotta say, i always get sucked into those sales tactic in how you only need a few dollars and you can get this and that! hahaha…please tell me you guys fall for this trap too, at least once in while?!?!?!

So what have you all been up to this week? I would love to know.


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Snapshots of my week…

I cannot believe it has already come to Saturday and like always, i just feel like there is never enough hours in a day to do all the things that i wish to do. Despite the lack of time (surely 24 hours is not enough, right?), i still managed to do a few things where i happily embraced myself in doing some relaxing and fun things, whether by myself or with my dear friends.

Here are some photos of what i’ve been up to lately and i’ve been thinking of making this “Snapshot of my week” a frequenter post here, what do you think about that idea? Would love to hear some comments to see what you all think.

I managed to check out the Marni at H&M collection with my BFF on the day of it’s launch on March 8th, and i have to say, it was purely accidental. I did not even remember the collection was being released that day until i saw this lady carrying a Marni at H&M plastic bag, and so i gave my BFF the eye and she gave me back the eye. Before you knew it, we quickly gobbled our froyo at Yo mama (our all time fave froyo place in HK!!!) quickly hit to H&M.

I hope i don’t offend any fashionistas out there but i was utterly disappointed with the collection. Fair enough, i loved the vibrant colors and asymmetrical prints and patterns, which is so Marni style but there was just one problem. Like Marni style, everything in the collection seemed over sized, which is a big no no for petite people like me, and not to mention pricey!!! We only stayed there for less than 30 minutes and left empty handed. Actually i was also surprised that there were no a lot of people in the shop but then again, it was almost 9pm so i guess maybe all the nice pieces have been taken already? That’s just my guessing though. Did you guys like the collection or like me, was super disappointed?

I’ve been trying to eat healthier for breakfast so i can look forward to a less sluggish me when embracing spring and with that,  i have found myself going quite regularly to Pret A Manger for my smooth and juice fix. I gotta say, the Flu Fighter juice and Pink Guava and Raspberry/Blue berry smoothies are my fave!!! I have also been trying to incorporate as much fruit as possible in my daily diet.

My hair is quite damaged considering the amount of strengthening and perming it has gone through for the past decade. So when my friend introduced me to the Patene Pro-V intensive treatment for damaged hair, i went straight out to buy it. That was 2 months ago and i finally managed to have some time for myself to try it out today.  Now i just gotta wait and see if it really works.

I finally stocked up on my Asian magazines as they are way cheaper than my all time fave English issues of Cosmopolitan and Glamour. I also finally saw another Japanese magazine with my fave Japanese pop singer Namie Amuro on the cover. I’ve been a big fan of her since high school and whilst her music has changed since then, and not so to my liking now, i still think she looks gorgeous!

I have been meaning to clean my room for as long as i remember and so with spring cleaning coming, what better excuse than now to get cleaned up!??!! I managed to sort out my messy desk and organized all my perfumes and beauty products, and my jewelry boxes.

Yes, i actually stayed home all day just to clean my room but i actually quite enjoyed my “me” time and boy did i need it. I woke up quite late today, where i spent the late afternoon enjoying my take away spaghetti bolognese for lunch, while catching up on my all time fave shows, Kourtney & Kim take New York and America’s Next Top Model.

My friend also invited me along to a free facial and skin testing at Shiseido and of course, i did not hesitate for one minute. The facial was done in their Shiseido booth right in the middle of the Harbour City shopping mall so that was a bit odd. But i just ignored everyone and did my thing. As expected, i ended up buying something as well, i just seem to never be able to say no to any sales people, lol. But i did refrain myself from not buying everything and only got what i needed. I bought this box of masks with 6 pieces and an anti dark circle eye cream. The good thing about shopping in Hong Kong is that there are a lot of freebies. They gave me a foam cleanser, a Brightening Balancing Softener Enriched, a day and night moisturizer, and a cute compact mirror!!!Good purchase indeed.

All photos accredited to me


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Lanvin Heart H&M

The Lanvin for H&M collection is absolutely to die for and i can’t wait to get my hands on them!!! Unfortunately, they won’t be coming to Hong Kong until Nov 20th, and yes, that is a bloody long wait i say.

I quickly took a look at their Fall 2010 look book and i am already filled with excitement!  You will find that there is something in this collection for all fashionistas out there. For a fun and edgy look,  there are the vibrant dresses with cutesy ruffles to show off those sexy shoulders of yours. Or for a more elegant look, there are plenty of selections to choose from their little black dresses (LBD), where they look chic and sleek, and with a feminine cut to it. This collection looks pretty playful to me with all those colors, structure, cute prints like the legging print on the t-shirt, and those sexy leopard print heels! It’s  almost like a fashion playground for us fashion nut heads, lol.

My fave is the sleeveless LBD covered in ruffles and the dramatic blue dress – simply fabulous!!!! Hm…….something tells me that this collection is gonna be fashion-tastic!!!!:D 

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H&M Fall 2010 Collection

I’m totally liking the H&M Fall 2010 collection!!!! Using the gorgeous Anja Rubik for their ad campaign, this is definitely another  reason for me to go visit H&M, and i mean very soon. There’s really nothing i don’t like about this collection. There is a high dosage of trend adaptation going on here, where we see aviator jackets as adored from the Burberry Prorsum F/W 2010 runway, cropped military jackets with an infusion of army green shades,  and soft pastel dresses,  which can be paired with booties to keep us warm from the blistering cold, and still looking stylish.

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H&M – Fashion Against Aids Collection

So its that time of the year again where the fashion world is out to make a change and for a good cause as well. If you haven’t already heard, H&M is coming out with its Fashion Against Aids Collection and it will be hitting stores on May 20th!!! So do whatever you gotta do to get a hold of this collection, such as staying overnight outside H&M so you can be amongst the first ones to get the best stuff. Yah, just an idea but not sure how many people will actually do this!!!;) Lets take a quick glimpse of their collection and start thinking how to look ever so stylish, whilst making a positive impact to the people with AIDS.  And i must say, they have some lovely accesories and  funky camping gears too, lol.

Photo Source:  The Budget Fashionista

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Garden Collection by H&M

Spring has finally arrived and so its no wonder that floral prints are popping up wherever i go these days. Its exciting to be spotting all these colorful prints and its made me want to go on a shopping spree!!! I actually went into H&M a few days ago and found out that they had launched a garden collection for this Spring season. I was super thrilled and everything just seemed all rainbow and sunshine to me:) Their collection is mostly based on floral prints, colorful patterns, and a few cute mini skirts and dresses. The plus factor is that their fabric is really soft and light, which is just right for this weather to let our delicate skin breath again. Sadly everything was almost gone or did not have my size when i got there but i might try my luck in another shop.

 So have you girls picked up any of your fav pieces  from the garden collection yet and if so, which one is your favorite??!?!? I personally like the dress in the 3rd and 5th photo. You cant  see the 5th photo clearly but it was absolutely stunning when i saw it in the shop. Althought i cant have any of these gorgeous dresses at the moment, I did manage to buy this cute floral skirt when i went to China and for a good bargain too, HK$40 to be exact!!! What you think??? Yes or No??

Photo Source: http:///thebudgetfashionista.com

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