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a change of season, a change of color

It was another lazy Thursday morning and after snoozing my alarm clock twice, i quickly got dressed and left home to go to work. I could feel the brisk cool air against my face as i walked down the street and that’s when it hit me. The  autumn season was slowly approaching, where the remaining time for those hot summer days will be cherished whilst it lasts.


Though the hot and sunny days will be missed, the idea of wearing my loose sweaters, warm cardigans, black leather jacket, and my stylish light brown suede boots, i’m already convinced that i’m ready to embrace the cold weather in style. It’s also a time where we say bye bye to vibrant summery colors and inject earthy tones such as brown, beige, and black into our wardrobes. But one color that i am particular fond of is the mustard yellow. And guess what? I’m already on the look out for a mustard colored sweater.

What is your favorite color for autumn/winter?

mustard jacket








Photo  source: weheartit


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Lace for summer…

Sunny days with the beaming sun shining down my face, it can only be telling me one thing, this summer is surely hot. Around this time of the year, it gets extremely hot and humid, where we are talking about 28-33 degrees Celsius with humidity reaching as high as 90%. Sometimes I do wonder how I survive in this climate as well. With people wearing skimpy and summery outfits everywhere, I couldn’t help but notice the lace trend going on. I’ve always adored lace so it’s perfect timing.

I love how lace has the magical power to transform an outfit and bring sex appeal with minimal effort. Just pop a simple sleeveless lace top over a pair of shorts or skinny jeans and it’s casual yet sexy. Or pick out that lace dress that hugs you at the right places and shows off just enough skin to make the gentlemen turn wild.

Will you be doing lace for this summer?











Photo source: weheartit

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Current Lust: ballet flats!

As the time gets closer to my Easter mini vacay to Beijing to visit my dear BFF, the more i have been on the look out/obsession for ballet flats! Yes, i am in desperate needs of some comfy shoes that i can walk in for a million hours and sadly, that does not include trainers (sneakers) on my list.

If there is one big fashion no no on my list, it must be this one. The only time you will ever catch me wearing trainers is at the gym or if i’m going to do some hard core traveling, which i know requires a lot of walking. I’ve already been to Beijing before and the main purpose for this vacay is to relax and spend time with my dear BFF, so the walking part is the least to worry about.  If anything, it will be more like long chats over cake and coffee in the local cafes,  trying out the local bars and Chinese restaurants, and having a girlie sleepover in her lovely spacious flat for 5 wonderful days. I am already getting so excited thinking about it!!!

I was also super lucky enough to find a pair of stylish beige snake print ballet flats after work last night. I was sooo over the moon and it was like, mission completed! I will post a photo of the flats in my “Snapshots of my week” post tomorrow so stay tuned! And with that, i leave you some gorgeous and inspiring photos of the infamous ballet flats in the name of fashion!

Hope you are all having a fab weekend!!!

Ballet flats street style

Ballet flats spotted on celebrities

Ballet flats inspirations

Photo source: We Heart It


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Bring on the glitz, glam, and glow!!!

As we are approach closer to Christmas, i can only think that it’s right to dress up in glitz and glam and show off that glow of yours! I tend to dress up in really wintery dull colors during the cold seasons and it can be a bit depressing.

But don’t sweat it, ladies! There’s a real easy solution to this and it’s as easy as counting 1,2, 3 (at least that’s what i think)! One way to brighten up anyone’s look is definitely to try out the glittery look. There’s been a lot of glitter and glow shown on cat walks recently and i say it’s time to bring out the fun in you!

This is definitely not a style for the faint hearted, so i suggest for those people that are less daring, try to dress up in neutral colors and only wear one piece of glittery item to avoid being over the top, or worse, looking like a Christmas tree!!!

For me, i think it’s the best to start it  light for beginners trying to take on this glitz look. I will recommend choosing a glittery accessory such as a bag, a pair of heels, or even a hair clip will do!

Before i dash off, i hope you all will embrace the festive holidays with love and style, dress up in vibrant colors, and most importantly, have fun!!!

And of course, i have to ask the all time fave question…so are you a glitz lover or hater???

Glittery Style on the runway

Balmain Fall 2011 Ready To Wear Collection

Louis Vuitton Spring 2011 Ready To wear Colletion

Nina Ricci Spring 2012 Ready To Wear Collection

Street Style Glittery Inspiration

Glittery Style Inspiration


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Trend Alert – the Peter Pan Collar

If there’s one way to make an outfit more girlie, i would definitely tell you to go for the Peter Pan collar look. As with most fashion trends, they always come and go and gets recycled all over again.  And with the Peter Pan collar trend, this is no exception.

While the peter pan collar was a big trend back in the 1960’s, it’s definitely coming back again where it has already appeared on the cat walks for designers such as DKNY, Giambattista Valli, Emilio Pucci, Louis Vuitton, and many more.

I have to say, i really like the Peter Pan collar look and it’s a great way to make a boring top or dress look more fun. It adds a bit of femininity and a playful side to an outfit for sure, where you can option for different types of Peter Pan collar depending on your mood or occasion.

You can either choose the plain Peter Pan collars or option for beaded ones for a more flashy effect. Or you can even buy the Peter Pan collars with laces or ribbon bows if you want to add more detailing to the collar. I prefer the beaded style but i personally would wear that for a special occasion as it might be too much for daily wear.

What about you ladies? Are you a Peter Pan collar lover or hater?

DKNY Fall 2011 Ready To Wear Collection

Giambattista Valli Fall 2011 Ready To Wear Collection

Emilio Pucci Fall 2011 Ready To Wear Collection

Louis Vuitton Fall 2011 Ready To Wear Collection

Charlotte Taylor Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

Peter Pan Collar Street Style Inspirations

Peter Pan Collar Style Inspirations

Photo Source: Fashionising,  Stockholm Street Style,  Elle, and We heart it


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Style that never dies – the denim jacket!

I honestly believe that denim jackets must be the best ever style invention created in the human kind. It’s been around for as long as i remember, and has been recycled religiously in the fashion world throughout the decades. Surely this must mean there’s something right about the denim jacket, eh?

What’s great about the denim jacket is how it brings out this casualness yet chic effect to an entire outfit, if done right. It’s an easy style item to pair with to almost any outfit and to top it off, the warmish day time and chilly night time weather we’re getting over here is the perfect time for the denim jackets to come out of our wardrobes for some fun time!!!

Here are some inspiring denim jackets that i simply love!!! I really believe that the denim jackets will never go out of style and be recycled over and over again, and we won’t ever get bored of it!!!

So……are you a denim jacket lover or hater?

Denim Jacket Street Style

Denim Jacket Inspirations

Photo Source: Elle, Stockholm Street Style, Fashionising, and We heart it


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Bow me away!!!

I think i feel a bow inspiration coming this way, peeps! What can i say? I used to love bows as a kid and quite frankly, it’s never really left us (or me anyway, lol) in the fashion sense, has it? This trend has been recycled repeatedly and it’s a trend that i see never dying. Bows are so cute and sweet that it would just be sad to see it gone, don’t  you think so?!

Here are some great inspirational bow photos that i found and i hope they inspire you as well.  It’s amazing how bows can be incorporated into almost everything,  from hair clips, clothes, shoes,  hairbands,  bags,  lingerie, and the list goes on!  As the saying goes, the sky is the limit 😉

Happy Friday and lets bow in style,lol…

Bows on the catwalk scene

Daily Bow Inspirations

Photo Source: tumblr, style, fashionising, and Stockholm streetstyle


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