When fashion goes oh soooo wrong

I couldn’t believe my eyes when i saw this!!!! For the 2008 Autumn (Fall)/Winter accessories collection, Lanvin created three ties and not just that but ties made out of feathers! I didn’t see that coming at all! I know it’s old news but i thought this was too good to be missed!!!

You can call me a fashionista or not, but to have men wearing ties that are made out of feathers is just abit too much. My ladies, be warned, please do not attempt to buy your bfs this for Christmas (if they still sell them) and i defo wouldn’t even dream of it either. It’s kinda like trying too hard or maybe that is the way some of the male fashionistas want to be perceived as? That they are all quirky, wacky, and always up for something different in the name of fashion? I know its crazy but i have a feeling there is definitely somebody, somewhere, out there that has bought it and already flaunted it for that matter!!! Oh boy…Although, i have to say, i do like the turquoise one and i think it would be a perfect masculine accesory for us ladies instead, haha. And don’t get me wrong, i am up for trying new things too but there is a time and place for everything and this one just ain’t doing it for me! 

So what do you ladies think about this whole feather tie fiasco, or am i on my own on this?

P.S. Please notice my unusual outraged tone in this post and this don’t happen often, so you can tell how disturbed i am by this, lol.

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8 responses to “When fashion goes oh soooo wrong

  1. Great find!! That is horrible! Seriously what are they thinking, what in the hell kinda goddamn ties are those!!
    Bravo Cinz!!

    • CinZilicious

      i know rite! i was like omg what the hell were they thinking!?! lol and how would u even tie it without the feathers falling off? hahahaha

  2. Plus they are soooo masculine!!!

  3. Or david beckham? He did sport a skirt & man capris? Becks in the peacock tie!

  4. Eww, I’m so with you! There’s not a single guy I can picture pulling this off. I love feathers, but not on a guy, and certainly not on a tie.

  5. I must be alone on this topic! I think that yes, they are quite outrageous, but at the same time, these are obviously for fashion people. I think if I saw this on a man attending fashion week, I’d see the tie as a great fashion accessory. On a normal man, yes, a bit weird! I love it when bloggers post thought-provoking fashion topics!

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