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Summer like Dior

Yes, i can say that summer has really kicked in today, with temperatures boiling at 30 degrees celcius and along with a 74% in humidity. I have to admit,  i don’t like the humidity at all but the sunshine really does the trick in lightening up your mood and makes you just smile for a split second:) Of course, that is providing you’re not in the rush hour rushing to work in your 3 inch heels, hahaha. Fine….jokes aside,  summer is the best season to embrace (i think so anyway) and you got the pretty flowers everwhere blossoming out in super lovely colors. Of course, we also get to show off our hot summery dresses and let our feet breath some fresh air for once because god knows, we need a break from our sexy pumps at times. 

So i was quite hyped up when i saw what was instored for the Christian Dior Couture Fall 2010 collection. All the models were put into flowery inspired dresses screaming with vibrant colors, textures, and lusting eyes and lips make up.  For me, i think there was alot of movement in the style and i loved the suede bright colored sandels that had strapes which reminded me of flower stems, lol. Is that a crazy thought or what? I have weird imagination eh, lol. Anyhow, here are some of the photos from the collection, enjoy! 

Photo Source



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Black VS White in Fashion…

Samantha Cole is another British designer that we better keep our eyes on! In fact,  her brand Samantha Cole London has already received the Best Womenswear Design for her S/S 09 collection during Fashion Week ,so she means business ladies!!!

What I admire about her design is how she incorporates all three elements in the designs – structure, texture, and shape. Her inspirations derive from modern architecture but i somehow find it more robotic, what do you think?  I guess it isn’t really something you would wear on a daily basis but great to see more innovative designers out there!

Hair: Kim Roy
Model: Kayt Webster-Brown
Make-up: Sandra Bermingham
Stylist: Samantha Cole for Samantha Cole London

Photo Source: Trendland


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The “Sex and the City 2” ladies glam it up at the NYC premiere

Okay, so i havent seen SATC 2 yet but i couldnt stop but notice all these photos online of the four lovely ladies looking glammed up at their premieres. I have to say, they all looked absolutely stunning for the Sex and the City 2 world premiere night in New York City. They can never do it wrong, can they!?!!? I love how they carried different color tones for their dresses and all of them stood out.  If you ask me, i actually think SJP was one of the girls with the best outfits! The neon yellow is so fresh, bright, and stylish. Kim Cattrall was my least favorite. I mean, she looked glamorous but there was something about the color and pattern of her dress  that didnt really do it for me. What do you think?

As always, SJP draws attention on the red carpet and this time was no exception, with her eye catching yellow Valentino gown from the  Spring 2010 Couture collection . And the one sided off the shoulder strap was  soooo sexy yet still elegant. She really knows how to work it on the red carpet and she certainly knows how to get all the attention when she wants to!   

Kristin Davis looked so elegant and cute in this pink vintage frock by Jean Desses. I think it really suits her and shows off this girly but still sexy side to her.

Cynthia Nixon played it safe by going black and wore a classic looking Carolina Herrera gown. Its a safe color choice that still manages to carry the glamor factor. I really like this classic look and and how she added a diamond leaf brooch to give it that finished touch.

Kim Cattrall wore a glittery gown by Naeem Khan and i really think it didnt do much for her. It was still glamourous looking but i just didnt think much of it.  But i gotta give her credit for that plunging neckline of hers, which managed to carry some sex appeal  along with sophistication thrown in it.

What do you girls think? What was your favorite pick!?!? Or least favorite? lol and while we’re at it, what did you think of the movie? 🙂

Photo Source: Style Caster

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Roland Mouret Pigalle Dress – a come back?

I would certainly say or hope so. At least this little beauty gem was spotted around in 2008 and caused a stir by celebrities such as Beyonce, JLo, Heidi Klum, and etc. I personally dig it and i dont mind if its not the newest “it” dress. The style of this dress really moulds your body to show off those curves you earned from those long gruelling hours at the gym!

Photo Source: The Fashion Time

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H&M – Fashion Against Aids Collection

So its that time of the year again where the fashion world is out to make a change and for a good cause as well. If you haven’t already heard, H&M is coming out with its Fashion Against Aids Collection and it will be hitting stores on May 20th!!! So do whatever you gotta do to get a hold of this collection, such as staying overnight outside H&M so you can be amongst the first ones to get the best stuff. Yah, just an idea but not sure how many people will actually do this!!!;) Lets take a quick glimpse of their collection and start thinking how to look ever so stylish, whilst making a positive impact to the people with AIDS.  And i must say, they have some lovely accesories and  funky camping gears too, lol.

Photo Source:  The Budget Fashionista

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Top trendsets list for 2010

Ironically, i dont really have a trend set that i follow as im more the type to wear whatever  i like. Although I’ve been told by 3 friends this week that the majority of my outfits consists of shocking colors or loads of prints/patterns. I suppose i do lack variation in my style but the biggest fashion crime i’ve commited  and its a wonder why i never noticed, is that i hardly have any basic wear. It is basic and simple and at times, that is all we need to look fabulous without too much effort. Anyhowww, here are some trends for the year that i find quite inspiring and hopefully you do too:)  

Trend Attack  for Spring/Summer 2010



Hot Pants



Denim Jackets

Military/Soldier Jackets

Tie Dye

Trends that may not always be  trendy but that i still “heart”


Cobalt Blue

Leather Jackets

Leggings like the Linsey way!

Photo Source: The Fashion Time Magazine / Hip Girlie

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Trend Alert:Animal Prints

I’m sure you all may have noticed animal prints bombarding everywhere in the fashion world that its almost blinding to the eye.  But being a leopard print fan myself, i have to say that i can never get enough of it.  I’m also really loving the leopard print look in different color tones, which i know looks unnatural but hey, its still gorgeous!!! Since i’m in the mood, I’ve decided to share some great animal print fashion pieces with you all tonight so hope you like my selections:) Oh and i gotta say, I totally adored the hot red D&G leopard print dress that Eve Mendes rocked  at the 66th annual Venice Film Festival. 

Photo Source: Glamour


Diane von Furstenberg 


 Diane von Furstenberg 


Giambattista Valli 


Giambattista Valli




Marc by Marc Jacobs


 Stella McCartney


Sonia by Sonia Rykiel


Alexander Wang

Be&D Garbo


Yves Saint Laurent







Melanie Auld


Roberto Cavalli ankle boots

Oscar de la Renta 




Verdict: I wanna go shopping now!!! lol But i’ll hold it until i hit up London in exactly 24 days!!! Yahhhh baby!!!!:) 

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