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Current Lust: ballet flats!

As the time gets closer to my Easter mini vacay to Beijing to visit my dear BFF, the more i have been on the look out/obsession for ballet flats! Yes, i am in desperate needs of some comfy shoes that i can walk in for a million hours and sadly, that does not include trainers (sneakers) on my list.

If there is one big fashion no no on my list, it must be this one. The only time you will ever catch me wearing trainers is at the gym or if i’m going to do some hard core traveling, which i know requires a lot of walking. I’ve already been to Beijing before and the main purpose for this vacay is to relax and spend time with my dear BFF, so the walking part is the least to worry about.  If anything, it will be more like long chats over cake and coffee in the local cafes,  trying out the local bars and Chinese restaurants, and having a girlie sleepover in her lovely spacious flat for 5 wonderful days. I am already getting so excited thinking about it!!!

I was also super lucky enough to find a pair of stylish beige snake print ballet flats after work last night. I was sooo over the moon and it was like, mission completed! I will post a photo of the flats in my “Snapshots of my week” post tomorrow so stay tuned! And with that, i leave you some gorgeous and inspiring photos of the infamous ballet flats in the name of fashion!

Hope you are all having a fab weekend!!!

Ballet flats street style

Ballet flats spotted on celebrities

Ballet flats inspirations

Photo source: We Heart It


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Trash is fashion?

Well, according to the giant shoe making fashion guru Christian Louboutin…..it is! With the whole eco-friendly mindset going on, Christian Louboutin has decided to turn the trash in their Parisian atelier into  fash (yep, i made that word up, lol)!!! The shoes are made up of real rubbish that’s been put together, such as pieces of thread, postage stamps, scribbled sticky notes, left over squins and fabric swatches.  Now that’s what i call recycling!!!

The interesting and unique thing to notice about the Christian Louboutin’s Ecotrash Platfrom Slingback shoe collection is that each heel is covered in a leopard print, and the platform is in a golden water snake skin. What’s more is that there are no two shoes alike in the making of this collection. How special is that eh?!?!

So do you think you would spend a fortune on these shoes that’s compiled of trash???? As for me, i’m not quite sure….

Photo Source


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Are you feeling the wedge?

As we draw closer to summer by the day, and as my feet wiggles anxiously to get ready to show case to the world, i suddenly have a super strong urge to buy some WEDGES!!!! Yes, it’s getting warmer and i can finally say adios to my booties, thank god!!!!

 Wedges are seen everywhere at the moment where i’ve spotted it in Aldo, Nine West, Steven Madden, and etc. I normally don’t buy wedges as i’ve got super skinny legs and so the wedges would just look gigantic on me. But there is one trick and i guess maybe you ladies have tried it too. I  tend to cover my wedges with  flared jeans to cover my skinny legs whilst giving me height. The only down fall about this? You don’t get to see the full design  of the wedge! Yep, it’s not a two way thing in this situation eh? lol.   Anyhow, i’ve decided to give wedges a go again because they are just so perfect for this weather!!!

Wedge Moodboard

Wedge your way to fashion

 Wedge Inspirations

Wedges – up close and personal

Photo Source: Stockholm Street Style and Tumblr


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Are you ready for Heavy Machine?

No, it’s not what you think it is. It’s not about some sort of new machinery or gadget invention. What i’m onto is the latest fashion finds of the shoe brand, Heavy Machine.  The creators behind the brand is Michelle Wu and Yoyo Pan who met as fashion students in Taipei, Taiwan. They only just recently established Heavy Machine in 2009, and they are certainly not showing signs of stopping just yet. They’ve already got shops in New York, Amsterdam, and their home base Taipei!!!

First glance at these shoes and you’re quickly assured as to why such a name would be given to such  fashionable footwear. Their collection is all about structure, form, and inspirations driven from industrial machinery. While the name may sound tough, their colorful and futuristic shoes promises comfort and style. The reason behind the brand name, you ask? As quoted by the designers  “If we could rename a high heel, we would name it “heavy machine”, a machine that drives women crazy to sacrifice their health for being sexy” (source).

Hopefully these futuristic heels are here to stay and not just another fashion fad.

Photo Source


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Yes, shoegasm!!!

Shoes are a big part of my life and it’s only fair to say that i’m a shoe addict. I love my heels and i wouldn’t trade them for anything. I constantly find myself buying shoes and giving lame excuses as to why i need them, lol. I always feel that what you wear on your feet can say so much about you. For me, i love really vibrant colored shoes and hence, i like making a big foot wear statement, hehe. Plus,  it’s also the easiest item you can play with when you’re feeling lazy and end up putting on any dull clothes you see.

Now why am i suddenly blogging about this shoe craze of mine out of nowhere? Thanks goes to blogger Alix, The Cherry Blossom Girl, a French fashion designer that i came across by accident. She’s got alot of pretty photos with some arty work and personal styles thrown into it.  But i was really amazed by her photo collections of shoes. In fact, some poses are quite wacky and entertaining to the eye, lol. Here are few of my fav picks.

Photo Source

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A Splash of color

Wanna spice up your look but not sure how? It’s easier than you think. I personally believe in dressing in a monotoned manner (e.g. black pants and black top) and add a splash of contrasting colored elements to give your outfit an extra impact. This will definitely give the va va voom effect for those dull looking outfits that we so often get tired of . The great thing about this concept is that it works for all seasons. I told you it was easy. Still can’t put it together? Don’t worry, because these street styles are gonna kick the fashion senses out of you in no time!  Have fun and enjoy with just a splash of color:) 

Photo Source: FashionisingStockholm Street Style, and Thesartorialist

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Denim overload…

I was just going through my closet the other day and realized how many pair of jeans i own! I think it was like 15 or so? Well, that’s alot of jeans in my dictionary anyway. It was interesting to see how my jeans style has transitioned over the years too, where dark blue boot cut and flared jeans were all i owned.  I still adore them and i know i can always rely on these classic pieces but skinny jeans are just my fashion staple as of lately, ehh…ok fine, for the past 3 years:P Yes, they’re tight and makes it hard to breath but who cares? lol.

With the trends always changing and abundant choices of jeans out there, i can see how tough it is to decide on what to buy or not buy. Dark colored skinny jean is definitely my comfort zone but i think i can start considering these other denim beauties too. Never say never right? hehe. So ranking in no particular order, i present you some lovely denim jeans and see how they can create different styles.  

Skinny jeans

skinny jeans1skinny jeans2

To create a casual and chic look, just slip on a simple black top over your skinny jeans. For a more glam look, option for a faux fur coat and pair it with a classic designer bag for a simple yet stylish look.

Boot Cut Jeans

boot cut jeans1boot cut jean2

The classic boot cut jeans are here to say no matter what season or trend. You can tone down the look like by wearing a crisp blouse to create that casual and chic look. Or why not wear a tight fitted top with some slim boot cut jeans to give it a cleaner look?

  Wide leg jeans 
flared jeans1
wide leg jeans2
The wide leg jeans are definitely catered for the taller ladies as it’s a better fit for them and won’t overwhelm their body shape. It also helps to elongate those envious tall legs that they have.
Long Flared Jeans 
flared jeans1
flared jeans2
This is another iconic piece in the jeans family where it’s always timeless and versatile. You can instantly add that feminine touch and few inches in height to by wearing wedges with these jeans.
Ankle Cut Jeans
ankle cut jeans1
ankle cut jeans3
Ankle cut jeans are great choices if you want to accentuate on those killer heels and make a statement.
Colored Jeans 
colored jeans1
colored jeans2
Colored jeans are more of a fun alternative in my opinion, becaue of all the vibrant colors you get to play with! You can bring out the the colored jeans during summer and pair it with a colorful top and some wedges. it’s the perfect way to go for that summer girl fun look. Or play it simple, pair your colored jeans with a plain tee or tuck it in some booties for that wintery transformation.
Ripped Jeans 
ripped jeans1
ripped jeans2
The ripped jeans really gives that rock chic look to it. It’s a great style to go for if you want to look fashionable but with some bad girl attitude.
High Waisted Jeans 
 high waisted jeans1high waisted jeans2
These beauties add instant curves with the magie of their high waist style.  You can pair it with some pumps to give that extra slimming effect to the outfit too. That sounds like a superb idea to me!
Denim shorts
 denim shorts1denim shorts2
Denim shorts or faded cutoffs are the greatest fashion staples as they have dual function – comfort and style. You can still look trendy by pairing it with a cropped top or a casual blazer.
Overalls Jeans
overalls jeans2
overalls jeans1
I am not a big fan of the overalls jean look as this style takes me back to my geeky days as a kid. However, pair it with a simple tee or a cropped top/corset, and you will go from that geeky kid in overalls into a sexy lady with those alluring bare legs in her overalls.
Boyfriend Jeans

ankle cut jeans1boyfriend jean2

Last but not least, we have our masculine boyfriend jeans. They look best when rolled up and paired with ankle boots so it still has a girlie touch to it. Flip flops are also doable for those “running errands” day like Reese who picks up her kids from school in style.

What jeans will you be sporting this year?;)

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