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Inspire me, please?

Inspirations are everywhere around us, if we only open our eyes and look a bit closer.  The simplest things in life such as families, my fave macaron desserts, a walk in the park, or just being able to wake up in the mornings next to a loved one and say a warm “good morning”, is already a very inspiring if not, happy moment for me.

We need to learn to appreciate life and understand that even the smallest things, can have an impact on our lives. It could be that last train at night that you caught to get home, those solo cafe visits where you go to clear your mind, or even just a phone call to your dearest friend to say a quick “Hello”. And very often so, it is these precious moments where we find bigger things in life, we find inspirations and happiness to keep us going and living, and believing.

I hope you will find or keep looking for your life long inspirations, no matter where you are, what you do, and who you are with. Never stop living and never stop smiling because you never know, there might just be that special someone watching you and falling for that sweet smile=)

Is there anything in life that inspires you?

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It’s been 2 years…

Yes, so it has. Today marks the secound year since i started my blog. Gosh, time flies. I first started blogging  as a way to express the joys in my life, such as food, fashion, music, and any funs things that i live for. Looking back, i’ve come a long way and i definitely didn’t expected anything like how it is today. Without a doubt, fashion has taken a special place in my heart and I simply love all things about it. It’s been a true pleasure sharing my fashion finds and the little things in life that captivates me, and i hope you guys enjoyed it too!

This past year was especially fun as i met many fab bloggers along the way, and i look forward to another year of it all! I hope all you fellow bloggers will contiue coming back because your lovely comments make me smile and wanna keep going!=D



Photo source: Fashion Gone Rogue and Tumblr


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Kate Moss for Lonchamp A/W 2010 Collection!!!

I’m not a super fan of Kate Moss but i have to say, there is something about her. And these photos that i came across of her for Longchamp’s bag collection just proves it, where she looks ever so effortlessly striking and sexy!!! I must admit, there is just this charisma about her that you either love or hate. In fact, I think i’m actually learning to find beauty in this lass who came along way from back in her CK jeans modelling days!!!  Boy, don’t we miss those eh?!!? 😉

Photo source: Fashionising

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Sunday Photo – I need some “Me Time”

Photo source: Fashion Gone Rogue

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