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June Love 2013


Enjoyed a relaxing Saturday night out while Ms. C was in town visiting, where the taste of fresh and delicious sashimi and sushi was slowly savored and plum wine was infused to sweeten our taste buds. Fathers day was played low key where we had steak down our local restaurant. Following the last few years, I would always get dad a cake and this year was no exception. I got him a strawberry mousse cake, where the taste of the sweetness and sourness was just right. Pampering time where BFFs and I went to the “feel good factor” to get our manicure and pedicure done. The barbie pink feet of mine was just perfect to greet the summery days, while my funky two color toned nails in bright yellow and orange, expressed the fun side of me.

Girls night out with my BFFs, Ms.S and Ms. C, at our good old fave shisha bar, Sahara, where I sipped on my strawberry martini and moved my body along to the rhythm of the music. Received a postcard from a dear friend who was in San Fran and traveling around in the states. This reminded me of how little people do snail mails nowadays and that I always cherish each and every mail I get in the post. The taste of my sweet and chilly strawberry margarita at Harlan’s with an old friend from London visiting, whilst overlooking the night view of Hong Kong from the 19th floor, was beyond breath taking.

Spent the night at Ms. S’s flat where I was greeted by her beautiful white roses in the living room as I headed off to work. Beauty in such a simple form is all you need at times to brighten your morning. Got a Topshop goodie bag with a leaflet, magazine, and hot red lipgloss to promote their grand opening in Hong Kong. New metallic heels and printed harem pants purchased for no reason because spontaneous shopping once in a while makes it that much more unexpected and fun.

I am blessed for each and every day that was filled with love fun, laughters, and sharing special moments with people i love and care for. You are my June Love 2013.


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Lace for summer…

Sunny days with the beaming sun shining down my face, it can only be telling me one thing, this summer is surely hot. Around this time of the year, it gets extremely hot and humid, where we are talking about 28-33 degrees Celsius with humidity reaching as high as 90%. Sometimes I do wonder how I survive in this climate as well. With people wearing skimpy and summery outfits everywhere, I couldn’t help but notice the lace trend going on. I’ve always adored lace so it’s perfect timing.

I love how lace has the magical power to transform an outfit and bring sex appeal with minimal effort. Just pop a simple sleeveless lace top over a pair of shorts or skinny jeans and it’s casual yet sexy. Or pick out that lace dress that hugs you at the right places and shows off just enough skin to make the gentlemen turn wild.

Will you be doing lace for this summer?











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Fashion Frenzy: Pastel

Pastel colors have been seen everywhere lately from skirts, dresses, jeans, bags, shoes, and  even to nail polish! The pastel color really puts a fun twist in playing around with your wardrobe for those warmer summer outfits.

I recently bought a pastel minty nail polish and i’m totally loving it! Just looking at my nails on a bad day at work is enough to cheer me up!  This is definitely a look i will be sporting this summer.

What about you? Love or hate the pastel look?

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Snapshots in a week…

This week we had a public holiday on Tuesday for Labor Day, and hence we didn’t have to go to work!!! Oh goodie!!! Although it was only one day, it was still a holiday well spent doing the things i wanted and spending time with people i care for.

As i had a sudden urge to eat Japanese food, i called up a friend and we went to Watami where we had some nice sushi, Japanese style thin pizzas, salads, and I ordered myself this delicious Apple Berry Soda drink. We had a good catch up and spent the night away talking about our lives and what not.  Funny enough, my friend had a sudden urge to buy jelly beans and so we headed to Toys R Us to get our quick fix at the Jelly Belly counter. I only bought a small box but she bought a whole bag of them!!! Pure Jelly Bean fever if you ask me! And it made me feel like a kid again, the good old days!

My cousin’s wife also recently gave birth to a baby girl a few days ago and i had the honor to go and visit both the mommy and her little angel at the tender age of only 2 days old. Awww…..she was such a cutie pie lying so still in my arms as i carried her, where she was in a deep sleep with not a single movement. It was such a magical moment for me!

I also managed to get some fitness into my hectic schedule and decided to hit the gym during my day off work, which was a great move. I ran on the treadmill for 33 mins and i felt so refreshed and great afterwards. I seriously think i need take more trips down to the gym.

I have been giving my nails a 2 weeks break from applying any nail polish and I have to say, i knew it wouldn’t last long! With that said, i started painting my nails away this week and i have to say, i’ve missed you dearly!!! This week i’m rocking the tangy neon orange nail polish. It’s such a lovely neon color and perfect for the summer times!

The weather has still been rainy this week but we were in luck and had slight signs of sun shine this weekend. After seeing the big sun on my yahoo weather forecast, i immediately seized the opportunity and arranged to meet 2 of my friends for a biking day!!!

If you have read my previous post about summer, i did mention that this must be on your “to do list” for this summer, as well as some other fun activities suggested,  as shown here.

The weather was absolutely lovely and breath taking today, apart from the slight hotness, lol. But we all had our bottles of water to keep us hydrated and of course, we wore our sunnies to avoid the sun’s UV rays whilst looking stylish, hehe.

I also went into a slight shopping spree today, no surprise there! I went to H&M to accompany my friend to look for a scarf and guess what? Yes, i ended up buying 3 tops but i have fair reasons to justify each purchase.  Each top had it’s function which was work wear, casual/basic wear, and a glam top wear for special night outs. Pretty good justification eh?

My fave is that white top with the glittery sequins and the grey top with ruffles.  There’s nothing too special about the black basic top but the selling point is that it has a see through back!

I’ve used up my day/night face cream and serum and so i went to the Korean cosmetic brand, Laneige, just to check out what was in stock. To my surprise, their prices are quite reasonable and they give a lot of freebies!!! I’ve been told that most Korean cosmetic brands give out a lot of freebies so that is good to know!

I ended up getting what i needed – day/night face cream and serum and also this other product called “White Plus Renew Emulsion”, which is to be applied before the serum. I’ve not tried the products yet but i do hope it will work its magic and give me that glow, lol.

Fore the freebies, they gave me a sample size base, foundation, a key chain with a lip gloss, BB cream (it’s kinda like blemish/concealer cream for the face), sleeping mask, serum, and a few smaller sample sizes of their other products.

I also bought this playful peachy/orangy lip gloss because i was only HK$50 short from getting the freebies, lol. The things we do for beauty and money we waste eh?!?!

I gotta say, i always get sucked into those sales tactic in how you only need a few dollars and you can get this and that! hahaha…please tell me you guys fall for this trap too, at least once in while?!?!?!

So what have you all been up to this week? I would love to know.


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7 things to do this summer…

It has been non stop rainy weather for the past few weeks that i started to question if i was in London.  Just the other night there was thunder and lightening, which managed to scare the heck outta me every single time, where I do this little jump (or a small whisper “omg”). Meanwhile,  it has also been extremely humid and hot where the temperatures rise as high as 30 degrees Celsius!!! Apart from the humidity,  i have to admit, i am really looking forward in doing more summery things as  we approach summer.

With a little prep work and putting some thoughts into it,  I have come up with 7 ways to make your summer a little bit more fun. So ready or not, here it is.

1. Cycling

I’ve recently picked up cycling again for the past year or so, and i already can’t wait to hop on a bike and start my adventure. So far i’ve only cycled in the New Territories area of Hong Kong and it is definitely worth a go. The journey from Tai Po to Tai Wai (or vice versa) has a friendly cycling route, where you can witness Hong Kong’s nature surpassing  high mountains, rivers, and greenery.

Wherever you are now, i say you hop on that bike this weekend and start your journey. I’m sure you will find it inspiring and a good break from your daily routines.

2. Froyo/Ice cream

Froyo and ice cream are another fave food that i crave once i feel the boiling temperatures. That cooling and sweet sensation in my taste buds is enough to put a smile on my face. I tend to go for froyos with fruits now as i try to be more healthy.

One of my fave froyo place to hang out at is Yo MaMa,  where my friends and i sit there “MMmmmmmmmmmm’ing” over our dessert whilst catching up. Okay fine, the “MMmmmmm” has died down a bit since i go there quite frequently,lol.

3. Beaches

I don’t actually do this enough but i always imagine trips down the beach where i can spend the whole afternoon there doing nothing. I find it very relaxing to lay down on the warm sand as i hear the waves crashing against the shore. That mind easing sound makes me feel more connected to nature and allows me to leave all of my worries behind for a while. Not to mention, i can get a lovely tan!!!

4. Perfumes

Perfume is a must have in my daily life style.  There is not one day i do not leave my home without spraying perfume on, apart from the times when i was too sick to even care about smelling good. It’s one of the easiest way to freshen yourself up if you have one of those last min emergency dates to go to.

I like perfumes that are fresh and mild in sweetness during the summer. Right now i am thinking to get Daisy by Marc Jacobs.

5. Summer dresses and skirts

The best part about summer is that you can bring out all your girlie dresses, mini skirts, and wear things as colorful as you want, without feeling out of place.

The feeling of loose silk or polyester fabrics against your skin is for sure to make you feel fabulous! Sometimes i do get a little kiddy as well, and the temptation of doing a small twirl with my skirt kicks in!!!

6. Sandals

Summer is also the time you can wear sandals and finally let your feet out to breath and flash it to the world!  The ease of walking in sandals is a no brainer and not to mention the variety of summer sandals that are out there waiting for us!

I don’t know about you but I always feel like a kid in a candy shop when i go shoe shopping. Of course, pedicures are essential in such situations and being a nail polish freak that i am, i couldn’t have asked for more.

7. Vibrant nail polishes

Nail polish is a must for me all year round and with the hot summer time, i take the advantage and try to go with more vibrant colors. Lately i have been liking the pastel tones, and i really want to get the minty color. For those that are color shy, I suggest you to try out with the pastel tones first. If you feel more comfortable after a while, you can try to experiment with more bright colors and just have fun!

I’m not sure about you ladies, but a bright and clean manicure always gets me in a better mood!

What about you? Are there some things that you love to do or suggest to do during the summer time??? Please feel free to add to the list!!!


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“In” with your sunnies!!!

Sure, we’re still missing a tad bit of warm sunshine over here and while i’m dying for the day to throw myself into sandels, summery dresses, and take my fave Ray Ban sunnies out to beat the summer heat, i may just have been inspired to think else wise!

These photos surely shows how fab and fun it can be to embrace your sunnies even when you are…yes, indoors!  Plus, it gives you some time to reflect on how to dress up your look when the right time comes;) Definitely a win win situation, eh?!?!

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Style Inspiration:Dolce & Gabbana

In need for some serious styling inspirtion? Don’t fret! Dolce & Gabbana’s Summer 2011 collection has some pretty amazing ideas so we can style to impress! Yessssssssss…..I know we’re still a million light years away from those wonderful warm summer days but it never hurts to start looking fab beforehand, right?

I’m really loving their collection of girlie florals, my fave leopard prints,  and basic wear, like their black and white summery dresses. Of course, that red polka dot dress is the perfect outfit for a fun night out in town;) I already can’t wait for summer to arrive with a big BANG!!!!:D

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