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The magic color: Red

There’s always been this thing about the color red for me.  It’s definitely one of those colors that defines all the characteristics of being  attractive, feminine, exotic, and vibrant. Whenever I’m in a rut and need to freshen up my look , i will go and try on something red.  It could be my red lip gloss when I’m out in town with my girls or just wearing a really glamorous red dress to feel good about myself.

I don’t have any lipsticks as unbelievable as it sounds but i love my recently purchased Maybelline (Very Cherry 635) red lip stick for those days that i don’t want the glossy lips look.  One of my fave lip kits are the Dior lip gloss (Ultra Gloss Pearl 654) and Kiehl’s lip balm (Hue No. 58B) with SPF 15 to protect my lips.

As for accessories, red is definitely a color to make any outfit look interesting if you ask me! I love my red accessories such as the red heart necklace and red gift box lookalike earring, which i got on my trip to New  York few years back. They make great choices when i am wearing something a bit more simple and want to funk up my look.

I got the red rose ring and red pearl necklace in some cheap market but they still work like a charm when i want to be a bit more playful with my outfit.  And lastly, with a spray of the Harajuku Lovers G Christmad edition perfume,  I’m all set  to go out and have a good time.

What about you? Do you have any favorite colors that inspires your way of styling?



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The pink in you!

As a little girl at a very young age, i remember i always loved to dress up girlie where i would be in floral and ruffle dresses along with lace or bow shoes but most of all, i loved pink! This love interest grew even stronger after i met Barbie!

Well, time has gone a long way since then but my love for pink still remains and i’m glad to say, in a much more stylish sense compared to my early childhood years. Phewww…what a relief, i bet ya all thinking!!! lol

I know pink (especially hot pink) can seem like a very daunting and scary color to try out as it screams “look at me! look at me!”. But i really think it is down to how you dress the pink in you! The key is always to find a balance with colors and don’t go over board by dressing pink from head to toe. A big no no unless you are Lady Gaga!!! You can either pick one piece of clothing or accessory (be it bag, shoes, bangle, shades, etc) that is pink. The ways to play around with it is endless!

Here are some inspiring pink photos that caught my attention and i’ve decided to share them with you. Hopefully these lovely images will spark up some inspirations for you ladies.

And if you carefully look around you, i’m sure you will find your own pink inspiration in no time!

Photo source: we heart it


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Snapshots in a week…

This week we had a public holiday on Tuesday for Labor Day, and hence we didn’t have to go to work!!! Oh goodie!!! Although it was only one day, it was still a holiday well spent doing the things i wanted and spending time with people i care for.

As i had a sudden urge to eat Japanese food, i called up a friend and we went to Watami where we had some nice sushi, Japanese style thin pizzas, salads, and I ordered myself this delicious Apple Berry Soda drink. We had a good catch up and spent the night away talking about our lives and what not.  Funny enough, my friend had a sudden urge to buy jelly beans and so we headed to Toys R Us to get our quick fix at the Jelly Belly counter. I only bought a small box but she bought a whole bag of them!!! Pure Jelly Bean fever if you ask me! And it made me feel like a kid again, the good old days!

My cousin’s wife also recently gave birth to a baby girl a few days ago and i had the honor to go and visit both the mommy and her little angel at the tender age of only 2 days old. Awww…..she was such a cutie pie lying so still in my arms as i carried her, where she was in a deep sleep with not a single movement. It was such a magical moment for me!

I also managed to get some fitness into my hectic schedule and decided to hit the gym during my day off work, which was a great move. I ran on the treadmill for 33 mins and i felt so refreshed and great afterwards. I seriously think i need take more trips down to the gym.

I have been giving my nails a 2 weeks break from applying any nail polish and I have to say, i knew it wouldn’t last long! With that said, i started painting my nails away this week and i have to say, i’ve missed you dearly!!! This week i’m rocking the tangy neon orange nail polish. It’s such a lovely neon color and perfect for the summer times!

The weather has still been rainy this week but we were in luck and had slight signs of sun shine this weekend. After seeing the big sun on my yahoo weather forecast, i immediately seized the opportunity and arranged to meet 2 of my friends for a biking day!!!

If you have read my previous post about summer, i did mention that this must be on your “to do list” for this summer, as well as some other fun activities suggested,  as shown here.

The weather was absolutely lovely and breath taking today, apart from the slight hotness, lol. But we all had our bottles of water to keep us hydrated and of course, we wore our sunnies to avoid the sun’s UV rays whilst looking stylish, hehe.

I also went into a slight shopping spree today, no surprise there! I went to H&M to accompany my friend to look for a scarf and guess what? Yes, i ended up buying 3 tops but i have fair reasons to justify each purchase.  Each top had it’s function which was work wear, casual/basic wear, and a glam top wear for special night outs. Pretty good justification eh?

My fave is that white top with the glittery sequins and the grey top with ruffles.  There’s nothing too special about the black basic top but the selling point is that it has a see through back!

I’ve used up my day/night face cream and serum and so i went to the Korean cosmetic brand, Laneige, just to check out what was in stock. To my surprise, their prices are quite reasonable and they give a lot of freebies!!! I’ve been told that most Korean cosmetic brands give out a lot of freebies so that is good to know!

I ended up getting what i needed – day/night face cream and serum and also this other product called “White Plus Renew Emulsion”, which is to be applied before the serum. I’ve not tried the products yet but i do hope it will work its magic and give me that glow, lol.

Fore the freebies, they gave me a sample size base, foundation, a key chain with a lip gloss, BB cream (it’s kinda like blemish/concealer cream for the face), sleeping mask, serum, and a few smaller sample sizes of their other products.

I also bought this playful peachy/orangy lip gloss because i was only HK$50 short from getting the freebies, lol. The things we do for beauty and money we waste eh?!?!

I gotta say, i always get sucked into those sales tactic in how you only need a few dollars and you can get this and that! hahaha…please tell me you guys fall for this trap too, at least once in while?!?!?!

So what have you all been up to this week? I would love to know.


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Its CANMAKE time…

I am finally back!!! Yes, it’s been a long weekend of birthday celebration and this week was just a mad packed one!!!  Before i forget, i want to thank you all for the special birthday wishes, it means soo much to me, makes me smile just reading them:) Anyhow, it’s like 11:15pm on a Friday night and i am dead  tired but i decided it would be wrong to not give you guys a quick update!  I will be posting more photos on my birthday and all the lovely pressies i got in the next few days. But for tonight, i’ve decided to share with you about my CANMAKE experience.

If you haven’t heard of CANMAKE, it’s Japanese cosmetic brand and their price range is relatively on the cheap side. I recently signed up for a make up class and i attended the class with a friend last night. We were greeted by really friendly staffs who told us to sit inside the room and wait for everyone to arrive before class begins. Once i sat down, i saw this super cute make up kit on my table and i was told we could take it home!!!

Make up Kit

The topic for the night was how to have long lasting make up and it lasted for 2 hours. I know it sounds long but trust me, we can never have too much time when it comes to beauty right!!!?!? The make up artist explained all the procedures and tips for an hour and then we did our thing for one hour so i think the timing was perfect.

The venue was a really friendly environment and the staffs were really patient with us. I asked for their help quite a few times and they kinda helped me with my make up too, lol. A lot of water proof products were due to the class topic. I actually didn’t really like their base and concealer as it made me look so cakey but then again, all concealers i’ve tried has that effect on me! One product i really liked was their mascara. They made my lashes look so long and curled upwards sooo beautifully and yes, they lasted til i got home! I also bought another mascara which works a bit different from the normal ones. You have to used the wand and work it downwards on your upper lashes and the intention is to let the fiber/nutrient from the wand  go directly onto your eye lashes and make them look more refreshing.

Their eye lash comb did wonders too. They separated my lashes one by one so naturally so there were no clumps what so ever. I actually have an eye lash comb too but it doesn’t work at all. A lot of stuff was good like the eye lash curler, the eye shadow brushes, and eye liner, and of course, i bought everything, hahaha.  One thing really cool about one of their the eye shadow brush is that it’s made of silicon where it allows the eyeshadow to easily be applied onto the eyes. I even got freebies with this super cute mirror that has lights inside and a leave in floral treatment for hair split ends.

Love the lights inside the mirror!!!

Silicon eye shadow brushes

  1. Eye Lash Curler
  2. Free mirrior
  3. Mascara
  4. Free leave treatment for hair split ends
  5. Mascara (the one for the upper lashes to give it fiber/nutrient)
  6. The eye lash comb
  7. Silicon eye shadow brush
  8. Eye liner (black)

The class fee was HK$350 (USD45) and you can you use the cash to buy back the products, pretty neat eh!?  If you spend over HK$380 , you become their member and get 5% discount on products and classes. I was really greedy and wanted everything and ended up spending HK$420 !!! Oh well, at least i’m a CANMAKE member now, hehe

Lastly, i just want to wish everyone a belated Happy Mid Autumn Festival!!! Hope you guys didn’t stuff yourselves with too many moon cakes this year! I happened to try my very first ice cream moon cake tonight and omg, it was soo yummy!!!! Haagen Dazs never fails to impress me;)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!


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Girls just wanna have fun!

Wow, it’s been quite a while since i’ve updated and i am so sorry about that! I guess that means i have a life? lol. But i honestly did have a super busy schedule that was filled up with lovely dates for the past 2 weeks, it was just crazy!

However, I did have a fab shopping spree with my friend last week and got some great products! I was introduced to this USDA organic brand at the cosmetic counter named Juice Beauty and so i went to try on their stuff. I guess the word organic got my attention,lol.  I’ve been looking for a lip balm again and so i tried their lip moisturizer which is really nice! It smells citrusey and orangey and most importantly, makes my lips moist and gives a shiny glow, just like lipgloss! An 2 in 1 function product, it was a bargain for sure!!! I also bought their Organic Facial Rejuvenating Mask, Antioxidant Serum, and Stem Celluar Repair Moisturizer. I would highly recommend the serum. It smells citrusey and my face feels all rejuvenated after using it for just a week. Plus, it leaves my face feeling sooo fresh and this happens every time when i apply it (day or night!)!!! 

I was told the face moisturizer (Stem Celluar Repair Moisturizer) is for a 4 weeks facial program to help improve cellular production and after that, you can just use your normal face cream . It smells really citrusey as well and like the serum, it makes my face feel all freshen up!!! I have yet to try their face mask but i will defo update you all on this product too. Please feel free to let me know if you have had any good or bad experiences with this brand because i would love to know!

I got a bit carried away with shopping and before you know it, i was standing at the YSL cosmetic counter the next day, and i had just got off work too! Shopping addiction alert!!! Anyway, i bought 2 mascaras, one for lengthening and the other for volumizing. I have to say, my lashes defo stands and stays up like magic!!! There is just one problem and that is the wand for the volumizing mascara already started getting really clumpy after using it for the first time. I’m not sure if that is how YSL mascaras works but it was just odd for me. But I wouldn’t mind getting their lengthening mascara again!!!

My friend bought like 5 products and so we both got some lovely freebies! I don’t know about in other countries but you tend to get a lot of freebies when you shop in Hong Kong. One of their freeebies is the Baby Doll perfume and i absolutely adore it! The smell is light and feminine and the bottle is in a lovely diamond shape.

I’ve also desperately been looking for a nice lipgloss to replace my old but lovely Becca (Champagne) lipgloss.I ended up getting Dior Pink Veil (#654) from their Spring 2011 collection, and it’s just what i was looking for! The lipgloss looks really pink but it carries a relatively natural color  with a tint of pink, which is just perfect for the summer! I say go get it and get some glossy lips ladies:)

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Tom Ford has a go with the lippies;)

Tom Ford really has no stopping when it comes to fashion or beauty and the launch of his new lipstick collection just proves this fact. The lipstick collection is  called The Private Blend Lip Color and as he puts it, and i quote  “This is my take on 12 classic lip colours. I took the most universally flattering colors that a woman can wear, and then I reimagined them in a modern and authoritative way. These are signature lip colours for the makeup connoisseur.” (source:Fashionism)

Apparently it was just launched in Europe this month and will be hitting Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman once it launches into the states on June 1st. Although, bare in mind that this small little golden white beauty stick costs a whopping $45!!!! Then again, its content of moisturizing Brazilian murumuru butter and soja seed extract is enough to maky my dry lips want a piece of it:)

 Photo Source: The Fashion Time

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