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Christmas – filled with joy and love

I can’t believe that Christmas has already come and gone but as with everything, there’s always an end to every start and a start to every end. With that said, New Year’s Eve and Chinese New Year is just around the corner so the celebrations are endless right now.

On boxing day…

While the days leading up to Christmas always tend be a bit crazy, I do enjoy all the fuss involved in it, such as fighting for my life in the crazy Christmas shopping crowd for those last minute gem finds/bargains, setting up the Christmas tree whilst humming to Mariah Carey’s  “All I want for Christmas is you” (I kid you not!), non stop gobbling down delicious but ohh so bad for you festive food, downing Christmas edition Chocolates, and of course, what better excuse than Christmas to enjoy non stop flow of wine and cocktails!!!

Christmas ornaments at Franc Franc

Mini glass Christmas trees, Franc Franc

Santa and snowman snow globes, Franc Franc

Christmas at Lanvin

Bottega Veneta Window Display (BV bag shaped candles)

I’m not sure what it is but I always find this excitement when I go hit the shopping malls to find special Christmas gifts to close friends and families. One of my favorite places to go Christmas shopping or just to get some indulgent dosage of eye candy, is Franc Franc. They have so many cute, interesting, and stylish things that you normally won’t find in the local shops around here.

First round of Christmas shopping

As expected, during the high festive peak seasons like now, i  have to fight the mad crowd just to squeeze in for a sniff  of the latest perfume imported from Paris, or to stare up close  in admiration at the beautiful Christmas ornaments and Santa snow globes that are neatly stacked on the shelves.

Sending off warm Christmas blessings to loved ones

To say Christmas shopping isn’t a lot of work is a lie, as all the shopping malls are packed with people either looking at things, or queuing to try something. I actually had to do my Christmas shopping three times on different days and on top of that, the crowd on the train ride home was chaotic, where everyone carried bags and bags of shopping goodies. But I always feel that it’s all worth it, especially when I see that big smile on the faces of my friends and families when they open their gifts, and it’s simply priceless. After all, Christmas is about giving and caring right?

Last batch of gifts for 2011!!!

Of course, i was also very blessed and received some fabulous gifts from my families and friends. My favorite was the Harajuku Lovers Christmas limited edition – Jingle G perfume, that my sweetest sister sent to me all the way from London. The doll looks utterly cute in the santa outfit and that girlie tied hair ribbon!

Harajuku Lovers Fragrance "Jingle G" (x'mas edition)

For this Christmas edition perfume, there’s also a red string hoop on her head so you can put her on the Christmas tree! How creative is that, eh? One of my friend was also super thoughtful and got me 2 lip balms from Kiehl’s as she knows i’ve got chapped lips all year round. She is such a darling!! There’s a night time  lip balm with cranberry flavor without color and a day time lip balm with a tint of this light brown/bronzey shimmery in it. So far it’s been helping my chappy lips! My friend from New York also got me a rose ring from Betsey Johnson, which doesn’t fit me as it’s too big!!! But i’ve come up with a brilliant idea and that is to use it for a necklace pendent;) Quite versatile piece of jewellery, i would say!

Jingle G on my Jingle tree, hehe

Kiehl's lip balms - super thoughtful gift for my chappy lips, hehe

I managed to meet up with a few close friends over some lovely dinner and it was definitely a great catch up! There was a mix between Vietnamese, Italian, and Korean, and they were all as yummy!!!

There was a new Italian restaurant named Manzo Italian Steak House  that my friend and i stumbled upon by accident and decided to give it a try. We ordered Carpaccio for starters and it was delicious. I ordered a Sirloin Steak for main course, which was really juicy and meaty. For wine, i decided to go for a New Zealand brand and it was just perfect, not too sweet and very smooth, and as always, i forgot the name of the wine, haha. I really should keep a note of the names of the wines that i try.

Christmas date with old friend, Manzo Italian Steak House

Our company Christmas party was held at Aberdeen Marina Club this year, and i have to say, i was impressed. The buffet lunch had a lot of varieties ranging from western grilled salmon steaks and parma ham with melon, to Asian dishes such as pad thai noodles, Vietnamese spring rolls, and sushi. There were a few team building games to end the party and we were all gifted Agnes b chocolates, where everyone left happily swinging it in their hands.
All in all, the moments leading up to Christmas and on Christmas day was a very joyous one filled with lots of love, and I feel so grateful that to have so many caring friends and loving family that are always there for me. This Christmas was truly a blessing and filled with many thoughtful gifts, delicious food, and special memories. I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas as well!!!

Company Christmas Lunch, Aberdeen Marina Club

Gifts to take home - Agnes b chocolates

Christmas Decor at the lobby, Aberdeen Marina Club

Red nails for the holidays (alessandro international no. 206)

Christmas gift - giant rose ring (Betsey Johnson)

Festive Christmas cake treats at work


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Lanvin goes Petite!

I couldn’t help but let out the whole “Awwwwwwwwwwwww” when i saw these incredibly cute photos for the Lanvin children’s wear collection, Lanvin Petite Pre- Collection 2012. This is the first time Lanvin has created a children’s wear line for their brand and i have to say, their style is looking really cute! There’s a twist of playfulness and style going on with all the ruffled dresses, flat ballet shoes, and even 4 rag dolls to go with it!  I reckon Alber Elbaz is definitely gonna nail this one:) In fact, there will be 25 pieces created for young fashionistas out there aging from 4 to 10. They start them young  now, eh? 😉

Oh boy, I can already imagine celebrity mommy’s getting all ready to spoil their kids with these unreasonably expensive but cute outfits. It goes something like this “Mommy, can i have a red ruffled dress to go with my matching ruffled flats pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee???????????? ” lol

Photo Source


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Lanvin Heart H&M

The Lanvin for H&M collection is absolutely to die for and i can’t wait to get my hands on them!!! Unfortunately, they won’t be coming to Hong Kong until Nov 20th, and yes, that is a bloody long wait i say.

I quickly took a look at their Fall 2010 look book and i am already filled with excitement!  You will find that there is something in this collection for all fashionistas out there. For a fun and edgy look,  there are the vibrant dresses with cutesy ruffles to show off those sexy shoulders of yours. Or for a more elegant look, there are plenty of selections to choose from their little black dresses (LBD), where they look chic and sleek, and with a feminine cut to it. This collection looks pretty playful to me with all those colors, structure, cute prints like the legging print on the t-shirt, and those sexy leopard print heels! It’s  almost like a fashion playground for us fashion nut heads, lol.

My fave is the sleeveless LBD covered in ruffles and the dramatic blue dress – simply fabulous!!!! Hm…….something tells me that this collection is gonna be fashion-tastic!!!!:D 

Photo Source


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When fashion goes oh soooo wrong

I couldn’t believe my eyes when i saw this!!!! For the 2008 Autumn (Fall)/Winter accessories collection, Lanvin created three ties and not just that but ties made out of feathers! I didn’t see that coming at all! I know it’s old news but i thought this was too good to be missed!!!

You can call me a fashionista or not, but to have men wearing ties that are made out of feathers is just abit too much. My ladies, be warned, please do not attempt to buy your bfs this for Christmas (if they still sell them) and i defo wouldn’t even dream of it either. It’s kinda like trying too hard or maybe that is the way some of the male fashionistas want to be perceived as? That they are all quirky, wacky, and always up for something different in the name of fashion? I know its crazy but i have a feeling there is definitely somebody, somewhere, out there that has bought it and already flaunted it for that matter!!! Oh boy…Although, i have to say, i do like the turquoise one and i think it would be a perfect masculine accesory for us ladies instead, haha. And don’t get me wrong, i am up for trying new things too but there is a time and place for everything and this one just ain’t doing it for me! 

So what do you ladies think about this whole feather tie fiasco, or am i on my own on this?

P.S. Please notice my unusual outraged tone in this post and this don’t happen often, so you can tell how disturbed i am by this, lol.

Photo Source


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Fashion Week Rerun

I know that Fashion Week has already come to an end and that i should leave it at that. I tried hard to stop myself from posting  runway photos as the entire fashion blogosphere has already done so but as expected,  i just couldn’t resist and gave in to my fashion cravings, hehe.   I decided to make it short and sweet and only share two of my favorite runways, Jil Sander SS11 for Milan Fashion Week and Lavin SS11 for Paris Fashion Week.  Btw, i snatched the lovely photos of the Jil Sander runway from the gorgeous fashionista blogger Andy, who is based in Amsterdam. You can follow her on Style Scrapbook  for the latest fashionable outings and street style inspirations in Europe!!! 

Jil Sander SS11Photo Source

Photo Source

I am head over heels for this collection. It’s all about bright colors, structure, and detailed prints!!!! I like how the make up isn’t too dramatic on the models, with just white pale faces against the shocking pink lips. This way, there is less going on with the face and more focus towards the vibrant dresses!!!

Lanvin SS11

Photo Source

 Normally i don’t really notice Lanvin and don’t ask why, it’s just one of those things, lol. But i was really drawn to their SS11 collection this time. I loved the drapery effect where it creates a look that is that much more feminine and sexy. The colors were more earthy tones and you can never go wrong with neutral colors, right? Afterall, it is one of fall’s best trend.  And i abosolutely adore that beetle look alike accesory on the model. I’m not sure if it’s a brooch or necklace but never minds, it’s just pure gorgeous and pretty functional as an accesory piece.

So what did you think of Fashion Week? Which one/ones were your utter most favorite on the list?????


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