May Love 2014

May 2014Savoring over some delicious Jean Paul Hevin macarons that BFF got me to cheer me up just when i needed it. Enjoying a lovely weekend brunch with friends over roasted pumpkin and pesto quinoa salad and some french toast dipped with fruits, chocolate sauce and cream. Finally managed to buy “Decorate With Flowers”, the US edition, which i waited a month for. The book is filled with inspiring and beautiful floral design projects. Holly Becker and Leslie Shewring definitely know what they are talking about.

Best way to cool down on a summer night in this hot and humid weather is by eating watermelons, and a lot of it too. Tried out the Cath Kidston themed afternoon tea with some ex colleagues, where the plates, tea pots, and tea cups, and the afternoon tea rack, were all in the distinctive Cath Kidston floral design. It was a happy afternoon over lots of photo taking and eating pretty food in great company. Mothers day was spent over a quiet dinner having our favorite steak, followed by indulging in the Velvet Lady cake i got mom from the Arome Bakery. It was absolutely delicious.

Sunday brunch’ing by myself at my fave spot, High Street Grill, as i always need some “me time” once in a while. I always believe it’s healthy to make time for my own thoughts and reflecting back on life. Staying home on a Friday night to make myself a cuppa tea as i dig into my Decorate Workshop book, which always gives me such great inspirations for interior decor ideas. Summer shopping spree is in full swing and that includes a stop over at Zara and H&M. The vibrant colors and floral designs in their summer collection made me want to bring everything home with me!

I am blessed for each and everyday that was filled with love, fun, laughters, and sharing special moments with people I love and care for. You are my May Love 2014.


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Belated Happy Mother’s Day


Shouting out loud a very belated Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely moms out there!!! I love you mom and you are the best mommy anyone can ever ask for. Thanks for the unconditional love and life sacrifices you made for us throughout these years, and still do. I know its been a lot of work! Love you always…

And yes, we all loved and gobbled down the velvet lady cake and McDonald’s macarons like there was no tomorrow!

Photo source: by me

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Easter in Sydney…

sydneyJust a quick hello to let you all know that i’ve recently come back from my 2 weeks Easter holiday in Sydney, and i’ll be back to blogging very soonHere is a sneak peak into what i did and saw throughout my holiday upon stepping foot on the land of the Aussie. Hope you all are having a lovely Easter holiday!

Photo source: all photos by me


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Day Trip in Copenhagen

As i was in Denmark for two weeks last Christmas, i had more than enough time to explore around the beautiful city, Copenhagen, where i met up with friends and family and had a lovely time.  If you ever happen to be visiting Copenhagen but for a shorter stay, I recommend the following places to visit.



Torvehallerne, a market that opened publicly in 2011, is a place that will definitely excite both your sight and senses. It consists of two market halls where there are endless stalls selling fresh bakeries, cheese, fruits, seafood, savory dishes, and many special Danish delicacies, such as their famous open sandwiches (smørrebrød).

There are also restaurants and cafes inside Torvehallerne where you can sit down and relax, while you enjoy a nice cup of coffee or a cold pint of Danish Carlsberg beer. The food varieties are also plenty if you feel hungry, ranging from Danish open sandwiches, burgers, sandwiches, to even Spanish and Japanese food. I decided to have some open sandwiches that day, and ordered my favorite fish fillet with remoulade sauce, frikadeller (Danish meat ball), and potato with red onions. My friend ate some quite interesting tuna sashimi wrapped in cucumber.



torvehallerne fudge





 After enjoying a much filling meal, you take a stroll inside the market, where you can admire some fresh and beautiful flowers. You can even do a stop over at Summerbird, a prestigious Danish chocolate and confectionary brand. One of my all time favorite are their almonds covered in different chocolate flavors, including raspberry, strawberry, lemon, coffee, seasalt, cocoa, nougat, and many more. It’s a perfect gift to take home for your friends and family.

You also have to try their flødeboller, which is a waffle base with marshmallow like filling inside, and covered in chocolate on the outside. It was my all time favorite snack growing up in Copenhagen. In fact, there was a Christmas tree made of flødeboller inside the Summerbird shop when i was visiting, and it looked sooo pretty and yum.

torvehallerne blomster



If you are in for a bit of history and culture, I suggest you to visit the Rosenborg Castle (Rosenborg Slot), which is a mere 15  minutes walk away from Torvehallerne. This castle was used as royal residences until around 1710, and was also built as a country summerhouse in 1606. This is only one of Christian IV’s many architectural projects back then. To have a full experience of the Rosenborg Castle, and if time permits, take a tour inside the castle to see the real life of a royal back then. You are allowed to take pictures inside the castle but you need to pay for this.

The Knight’s Hall, which is located on the third floor (as shown below in the fifth photo) is one of the rooms that captivated me the most. It was originally intended to be used as a ballroom, and as you walk in, you will be mesmerized by the long hall, along with the golden walls and high ceilings above you. I think the high light of touring the Rosenborg Castle must be witnessing the crown jewels and crown regalia at the basement, where you will find the crown of Christian V and  the queen’s crown.


rosenborg slot final





To end the day, head over to Tivoli Hotel for happy hour and enjoy some cocktails. This hotel carries the theme of the amusement park, Tivoli, into its interior design and decor, where everything feels very fairytale and dream like. The lobby has these pretty red and green lights along the window, and paired with the iconic Swan Chairs (as designed by Danish designer, Arne Jacobsen) in a very clean white color.

Upon arriving to sky bar on the 12th floor, the crowd was already bustling with everyone chatting and laughing away in their own world. What i really liked about this bar was that their seats were in the form of swings and had a beautiful  night view of Copenhagen right in front. My friend and i decided to become kids again and sat on the swings as we sipped on cocktails and chatted the night away, just as we saw some fireworks up in the air from a distant. And if you are feeling a little peckish, you can head over to Sticks ‘n’ Sushi for some Japanese food, which is on the same floor as the sky bar. Having the best of both worlds, what isn’t there to love, right?




Photo source: all photos by me


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March Love 2014

marchloveRoaming down rows upon rows of books inside Page One bookstore on a Friday night, and finally treated myself to the “Decorate Workshop” book by Holly Becker, to add onto my interior decoration book collection. Her book is filled with beautiful and inspiring images. Trying a new Korean cosmetic brand, ETUDE HOUSE, where the pretty and girlie packaging of the glow stick and illuminator powder stole my heart away. Enjoying my delish taro and chocolate mint ice cream after work with dad, just because.

Noticing a pattern in my color choices during a shopping spree at H&M, consisting of black, white, and grey – some basic wear colors that i love. I left the shop empty handed and felt this unusual sense of liberation upon me. Taking a quiet stroll at the North District Park after gym, and spotted these beautiful flowers. Spring is definitely on its way. Indulgences at work amongst my colleagues and i, with mouthfuls of these delightful marzipan with plum, strawberry, and grape filling, that i got from Denmark. They are completely heavenly.

Welcoming spring with some pretty shades of pink. Dolling up in pink nail polish and pink blush, while spraying on my feminine Forever and Ever Dior perfume, as i embrace the day ahead of me. Finally starting to write down my thoughts and plans for 2014 in my newly purchased pink diary. It’s always up lifting and motivating to have a vision for the near future and staying organized in our daily hectic life style, while writing down random thoughts and inspirations that comes to mind unexpectedly. Giving Australian beauty brand, Lucas Papaw Ointment, a try after hearing all the rave about it lately. Lovely Sunday chill day where things like a cuppa cappuccino, cookies n cream cheese cake, checking blogs, and reading my Starbucks book, is all i want to do.

I am blessed for each and everyday that was filled with love, fun, laughters, and sharing special moments with people I love and care for. You are my March Love 2014.


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Tivoli Christmas Market By Night

Tivoli is an amusement park in Copenhagen, and being the second oldest amusement park in the world, where it was opened in August 1843, this is definitely a place worth visiting. Tivoli is a fun place for both adults and children, where there are rides for all ages, and you can enjoy Denmark’s famous and delicious soft ice (soft ice cream), as well as other savory foods, while intaking the lovely view of the Tivoli Garden.

Tivoli entrance

I’ve never been to Tivoli during the winter season so when i found out they were having a Christmas market during December, i was more than thrilled to see it with my very own eyes. The entrance of Tivoli always amazes me and this time was no different, except it looked even more beautiful with it’s dreamy Christmas lights shining amidst the night. There were also some baby reindeers not long after we walked into Tivoli, which is a fun event for those with children and an opportunity for them to learn about animals. Or you can even stand in que and wait to take a photo with santa clause.

There were a lot of shops selling cute Christmas decorations, and some shops serving hot drinks, such as mulled wine, warm waffles with jam and chocolate sauce, and savory food, to fight off the cold weather. One of the best things about visiting Tivoli at night during Christmas, is just how magical the place turns into, with all the pretty lights shining everywhere.

nisse final

nisse trolly

A few of my favorite spots at Tivoli was the Taj Mahal building lighting up with a beautiful white peacock at the front, the very fairy tale looking swings, and the one that really made me stand still in admiration was the tree that had these lovely red hearts hanging down.

I was also lucky enough to witness the water and light show, just as we were on our way to leave Tivoli, as it was near closing time. The music playing in symphony along with the water, while the lights changed to different colors, was such a beauty.

I will definitely be going back to Tivoli, just a matter of when.

Tivoli - Chinese Stage




chinese palace and tree light




Photo source: all photos by me


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The Floral Effect

The floral trend is one of my favorite fashion staples for the spring season. The vibrant colors and patterns is enough to put a smile on my face, and make me embrace Mr. Sunshine with open arms.


And the good news is that this fashion trend is a very  simple way of transforming any boring outfit and bring a dose of color into your spring wardrobe. In fact, i actually think this trend can be carried out all year round, when done properly and in proportion. Here are some street style floral outfit inspirations for those that are ready to kick start spring with some fun and color!












Photo source: weheartit


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