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My Tiffany

 It’s been a few days since i last blogged and i have to say, i really enjoyed my blogging break this time. I had 4 amazing days with my brother and his family, and i’m already missing the kids soooo much!!! They left yesterday and it was so weird when i came home and it was dead silent, lol. Oh well, I guess we need to get back to our daily life routines at some point, right?

I know this is a super duper delayed post but I just remembered that i forgot to show you guys what BF got me for Valentines Day!!!! He was really sweet and took me to this steak house Wooloomooloo where we had a nice evening over delish steak and red wine:) And then he surprised me with this lovely Tiffany braclet!!! I only just got my braclet back recently as i had to get it altered, which was over a month ago! So you can imagine how happy i am to be reunited with my Tiffany baby, i love it!!! 

Anyhow, hope you all are enjoying your weekend, have a great one:D



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Christmas 2010 Finale…

I’m not in my bestest of mood right now but i promise you, i will be alright. I won’t let certain matters ruin my holiday spirits but  i also realized that i still have many things to learn in life. We always need a positive mind set and know that things are always greener on the other side right?:) Anyhow, I decided it would be best to finish off my Christmas post since 2011 is literally only 1 or 2 days away for us here in Hong Kong!

I have to say, my Christmas was better than expected this year. I spent Christmas Eve at home with my lovely family and my BFF came over to spend the night last min, which by the way, was a fab idea! We had a wicked time chatting all night and felt like we were 10 again, haha. I know for sure, some friendships never ever change:) Unfortunately, i didn’t get to spend my first Christmas Eve with BF because he had to work that night. Yes, BF finally found a job and it’s in the hotel business, so working hours are just wacked! But i must say, it sure is the greatest Christmas gift he has received this year, lol. 

On Christmas day, my family and BF went to Dan Ryans for some American food and everything was delish! I went all Christmas spirit and went for their overpriced Christmas special, which consisted of turkey with yummy cranberry sauce, mash, mushroom soup, and Christmas bread pudding! OMG, the dessert was my fave but i was sooo stuffed that everyone had to dig in to help!

Oh, and i managed to take some x’masey photos at the shopping area, Heritage 1881. They actually have a Tiffany & Co Christmas tree on display this year! If only i could take it home, then that would be a dream come true:) Okay, i’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking for now so enjoy!

My sis got me this precious Swarovski necklace for x'mas!!! love it:)

How did you celebrate Christmas Eve or Christmas Day????? Hope it was real special whatever you all got up to. Now it’s count down for New Years Eve!!! 😀

Big warm hugs and kisses,


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Photo Sunday – Christmas at Tiffany’s

There’s no better way to end the year for my last Photo Sunday post than with the lovely Tiffany & Co. Hope these photos make you smile and warm your hearts:D


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Chase my Saturday blues away…

I’ve come down with a cold over the week and now i’m left with all the suffer from coughing, sneezing, and feeling blah for the weekend! Booooooo, what a bummer for me man. But BF is coming over later to come chill with me so maybe we can just enjoy a light movie or something.

Since i’m feeling the blues on Saturday (just wonderin can blues apply to any day or Monday only?lol), i decided to share some happy moments with you all so i won’t feel as bad and grumpy, haha. You will notice that most of the photos are on food because food makes me happy whem i’m in a bad mood, hehe.  If you’re interested, i’ve also written past posts about food and enjoyments in my life with some mood up lifting photos here and here🙂 

What about you? What lovely things put you in a good mood when you are feeling those blah days???

Enjoy and hope you are all having a fabulous and healthy weekend!!!!

Bf took the trouble and ordered these lovely roses and lilies to be delivered to my work, while he was still living in Ireland at the time:)

My BFFs celebrating a fab bday for me in this Italian restaurant and gave me my first ever Tiffany necklace, awwww, love you girls!!!

I love strawberries – when they’re sweet and dipped in chocolate!!! lol

Sangria – one of my fave drinks whilst chilling with my girls:)

High tea at L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon and you can see all the fab food as mentioned here

Yummy Chocolate Mousse Dome dessert at the JW Marriott Hotel, Hong Kong

Chinese style dessert – Sesame flavored rolls with fresh mango and glutinous red rice

Easter decoration at my nearby shopping mall

Tiffany & Co. Christmas tree in Taipei, Taiwan – my 2009 new year trip! You can see more amazing photos of the trip here.

Strawberry cupcake from SIFT, the frosting is delish!

I saw this Sweet Potatoe Pie flavored ice cream from Haagen – dazs and knew i had to try it! It’s Japan edition too!!!:D

Fauchon – my fave places to go when i’m in Paris. As you can see from the date, this was way back in 2004!!! This defo calls for a trip back to Paris very soon:)

Max Brenner: Chocolat by the Bald Man – this is a must try place in NYC for choco lovers, its dessert paradise! The waffle was soft and warm and the banana in the toffee sauce was yummers!

Fire works at the Victoria Harbour on China National Day (Oct 1st, 2010)

Company Annual Dinner at the Disney Hotel, Hong Kong

BF took me to Powerscourt House & Gardens –  a beautiful country estate located in Wicklow, Ireland. You can read up on my Ireland trip here too. There are loads of photos and adventures explored so do check it out if you have time:)

My sister gave me these fab Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku ♥ Lovers perfumes (Baby and Music) for Christmas last year. I’m still thinking if i should buy the entire collection but it seems abit insane to do so! lol

First time to the Venetian Hotel/Casino in Macau with BF:)

Cute Tiffany & Co. Shop at the Heritage 1881 shopping area, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Coffee break with BF in Cafe Nero back in Aug for my Euro trip, gosh i miss London!!!

Lunch at the pub, Old Thameside Inn, London – my yummy boar sausage, pork sausage, and apple parsnips on mash potatoe with gravy sauce!

(All photos accredited to me)


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Balenciaga Day!!! ^__^

Nope, i didn’t go off for another holiday if you’re wondering why i’ve been gone for awhile, lol.  I’ve just been super lazy with blogging and been chilling with my friends like MAJORLY, and to top it off, it was my birthday last week so it’s been busy busy busy!!!

To be honest, i’ve kinda kept my blogging on hold cuz i wanted to blog about my Euro trip but everytime i thought about it, there was so much to say and photos to post!!! Hence, the delay, lol. But today i have decided that this is a post that cannot be delayed nor missed because my absolutely sweetest BF ever,  sent me the Balenciaga Town bag for my birthday!!!! Of course i had to share this gem of mine with you all in no time, right! After all, i  am a Balenciaga virgin, hehehe;-)  Oh, and you won’t believe the journey that this little baby B bag had to endure! She was shipped off from London to Ireland (my boo’s home, ya know,lol) and then Fedex’ed to Hong Kong!!!! But it’s ok as she is finally in my hands, wahahaha. BF also got me some lovely roses and lilies delivered to my work, awwwwwwwwww, isnt he just the best??:D Okay, i’ll cut it short and let the photos speak:)

I gotta say, the leather is soooooooo soft and i like how it has this slouchy look to it. This may sound weird but it has this really nice smell to it as well. My friend just bought the Balenciaga Velo bag in Royal Blue and she was saying how it smells really nice. Yes, so i started sniffing mine too, hahaha. Best of all, i love it that its classic black because i’ve always wanted one!!! And that small mirror that can detach from the bag is so cute and useful! You know, like last min emergency where you gotta check your face when you’re on the train? hahahaha. However, i am quite concerned if the tassels will break as they look so fragile, lol. Then again, that’s the distinctive look about all the B bags innit???? 🙂

My two best friends took me out to this really nice and hidden Italian restaurant called Panevino Cucina Italiana, located in Central. You guys should definitely try this  place out if you ever stop by Hong Kong. The food served was delicious and good white wine, where it had a cosy atmosphere and excellent customer service! We were the last customers at 11:45pm and we were making alot of noises (i just opened a box and realised it was my Balenciaga bag, you see) but they showed no impatience or annoyance:) Well, it was my birthday, right? hahaha j’k.  If you are interested in trying this restaurant in the future, you can find more info here Luxe Dining.

My girlfriends were ever soooooooo sweet too, and got me a Tiffany & Co. necklace!!! I’ve never bought anything from Tiffany and so it was always a dream for the day that i could get my hands on their beautifully packed blue box tied up neatly in a white ribbon:) My dream has finally come true and thanks to you  two girls, tak til min 2 skatter!!!:D


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First trip of the year–Taiwan

I cant believe the first month of 2010 is already coming to an end and it just shows how time really flies by. So go do what you gotta do before its too late!!! Anyhow, i thought the best way to start the year would be to share some happy memories from my trip in Taiwan. I actually celebreate NYE there too.

101 Tower

On the night of New Year’s Eve, my friends and i headed to the 101 Tower to watch the fireworks after a delicious seafood dinner. I have to say it was a crazy night fighting our way to this gigantic tower. Everyone was heading to the 101 Tower and the crowd was so massive that i thought we would never get there in time but thank god that wasn’t the case:) The wait was totally worth it though after experiencing the breath taking view of the fireworks. I have to say, some of the photos were taken by my sister’s professional camera but even so, it still dont really do it justice;)

This photo was taken in the bus where we bussing it to see the fireworks and i was just amazed by how many freaking scooters there were outside! I know that scooters are Taipei’s main means of transport but this was like a hurdle of them! Never quite seen a scene like this before!


OMG, i discovered this donut place “Mister Donut ” that i totally fell in love with. Apparently it is from Japan and they have opened up more shops in Shanghai too!!!  These donuts are not as sweet and with a softer texture to the dough, a difference to what I have tried in the past with Dunkin Donut and Krispy Kreme. I guess its to cater to the Asian market or maybe its just to promote a healthier way of eating junk food, lol. Here are the yummy donuts from Mister Donut!!! Im drooling just looking at them, gosh how i miss you all!!!

This was a cupcake shop i saw in a shopping mall and being the cupcake addict that i am, i went and bought two!!!! But i was really disappointed because the looks did not live up to its standard in taste, lol.

Crazy city life

I don’t know how on earth people commute in Taipei! This bus was beyond packed, it was people jammed, lol.  I found it halarious at the time so i just had to snap it! hehehe. I dont often see this and not even in a busy city like Hong Kong!!!!

101 Tower/Tiffany & Co. Christmas tree

I still remember that moment when i saw the Tiffany & Co. Christmas tree right infront of my very own eyes.  It was standing so tall and pretty, and i just wanted to take it home all for myself, hehe.I loved the colored coordination and how they put cute little ice skates and snow flakes on the tree. Its really these little details that make it look so beautiful altogether.

The night view of Taipei taken from the 89th floor on 101 Tower!!!! Breath taking view isnt it? For some reason, this view reminds me of the night view in Chicago that i saw off a friend’s photo album. Then again, i suppose all big cities share the similar night view.  But i still think that Hong Kong has the best night view!!! YAhh!!!!!

Trip to Wulai

This was a short one day trip to Wulai, about 1.5 hours away from Taipei. You wont believe it but we went all the way there just to get our feet cleaned by gazillion small fishes. They were nibbling on my feet and eating up the dead skin!! I know that sounds gross and it felt nasty too! It was like a weird feeling where a bunch of things were tickling and biting you at the same time, lol. Dont worry, its not that bad so try it if you ever get the chance! Wulai is also known for their beautiful hot springs and scenic views  and I was lucky enough to capture a few good shots of the water falls despite a few rain drizzles that day. 

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