Design & Decor: Wall Gallery

For those that are looking for a creative and stylish way to transform your living space and shy away from the usual and safe white blank canvas wall, apart from coloring your wall to another color, the recently much talked wall gallery interior decor idea is definitely worth considering.


The beauty about the wall gallery is that it can be seen as a piece of art, and might even stir up a conversation or two for the story behind your design, for occasions that you have visitors coming to visit. The beauty with the wall gallery is that you can choose any images that you like, whether it’s a digital camera developed photo, a printed out photo from the internet, postcards from countries you’ve traveled across the globe, or it can be as simple as tearing out a fave ad from your magazine. The choices are endless. What’s more is that it adds a personal touch to designing your living space, as there’ s always a story behind each image that you select. It could be that very first shot of the La Tour Eiffel you took with your loved one, a family portrait, or option for less personal approach by using images of iconic people from that past that you adore, such as the lovely Audrey Hepburn, which i very much still adore up to this day.

And these gorgeous wall galleries does not only apply to the living room. You can be adventurous and do whatever you think is stylish for your home. Some of the other areas in your living spaces to consider applying the wall gallery concept includes the hall way, office space, bed room, kids/baby room, or even as far fetched as the bathroom. There is also the shelf wall gallery that i find very interesting, where photo frames lean, instead of hanging on the wall, where they stand tall and pretty on the shelf.

What is your view on wall gallery? And what is your favorite living space to apply the wall gallery concept?












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e290a5e6cd1c201b12f955ffddce07faPhoto source: Pinterest


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2 responses to “Design & Decor: Wall Gallery

  1. I’m totally inspired to have a wall gallery now! I love the look of them so much. When I move out, I’m definitely going to have one.

  2. Oh gallery walls are great and in particular I like the dark wall with the desk. When I get my condo I am definitely thinking of doing one wall dark and the desk wall could be it@

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

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