“Happy Chinese New Year”


It was Chinese New Year last week and like every year, my parents and i went back to Shenzhen, China, to spend some quality time with our families. I always love the time spent with families over delicious and traditional Chinese food, and catching up with loved ones. This a very festive time of the year in Shenzhen where the city is bombarded with lovely flowers and Chinese fireworks being set off from a distant.



One of the things i like most about Chinese New Year are the beautiful flowers that my mom and dad hand picks from the flower market. The flower market is always busy during this time of the year, both during day time and night time. It was my third time going to the Shenzhen flower market with my parents, and i was basically squashed like a pancake. We managed to buy a pot of beautiful Daffodils and left the place within 20 minutes.  My mom also loves buying lilies, orchids, and other flowers, and decorates them around the house, as a way to welcome the new year.

My parents had some super cute red pockets (lai see) this year, where there are two designs, a cute Chinese boy and Chinese girl dressed in traditional Chinese clothes. It’s a tradition for married couples to put money into these red pockets and give them out to kids and families, or friends, that are not married, as a blessing to them.




Another thing that i enjoy very much about the Chinese New Year is helping my mom to fill up the candy box. It’s a tradition to have a traditional Chinese style box that is filled with yummy candies, different kinds of nuts, and all sorts of goodies, that are passed out to families or friends when they come over to visit. My mom always gets the most delicious goodies s or anything that is new or looks interesting. This year we also included the Cranberry flavored nougats that i got on my trip to Vancouver and people loved it! My other favorites were the Macadamia filled crunchy nut bar and the Lindt Landor milk chocolate truffle.

We finished off our Chinese New Year in Shenzhen with a trip down to Dongmen, which is an shopping area, where you can find cheap goods, such as gadgets, clothes, fake designer bags and shoes, kitchenware, local food stands, and the list goes on. We had dim sum for lunch in the area and then took a walk before we called it a day.





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8 responses to ““Happy Chinese New Year”

  1. Happy Chinese New Year. Looks like you really had a lot of fun. I miss being in Hong Kong for CNY. I remember how much fun it all was.

  2. Awww I love the flower market! I remember doing field trips there every year with school. haha Happy new year!!

  3. Happy Chinese New Year to you too! The year of the snake, huh? 🙂 Hope you have a splendid one!


  4. So many bright colours, pretty flowers and positive vibes. Happy New Year to you too. x

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  6. I really love how festive Lunar New Year is over there! The flowers are so beautiful and nothing screams a new year celebration like a kumquat tree! I’ve never seen one with so many kumquats before! That’s amazing! You’re bound to have a rich and bountiful year for sure 😀 I really miss having a candy box. We use to have one when I was younger but I don’t know where it is. We still put out treats just not in that pretty box lol. I must search and buy a box for next year hehe.

  7. Lovely post 🙂
    Chinese have great traditions!! I love chinese food 🙂
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